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Convert umask from string <-> number.

Installation & Use

$ npm install -S umask

var umask = require('umask');

console.log(umask.toString(18));        // 0022

console.log(umask.fromString('0777'))   // 511


toString( val )

Converts val to a 0-padded octal string. val is assumed to be a Number in the correct range (0..511)

fromString( val, [cb] )

Converts val to a Number that can be used as a umask. val can be of the following forms:

In all cases above, the value obtained is then converted to an integer and checked against the legal umask range 0..511

fromString can be used as a simple converter, with no error feedback, by omitting the optional callback argument cb:

   var mask = umask.fromString(val);

   // mask is now the umask descibed by val or
   // the default, 0022 (18 dec)

The callback arguments are (err, val) where err is either null or an Error object and val is either the converted umask or the default umask, 0022.

   umask.fromString(val, function (err, val) {
       if (err) {
          console.error("invalid umask: " + err.message)

       /* do something with val */

The callback, if provided, is always called synchronously.

validate( data, k, val )

This is a validation function of the form expected by nopt. If val is a valid umask, the function returns true and sets data[k]. If val is not a valid umask, the function returns false.

The validate function is stricter than fromString: it only accepts Number or octal String values, and the String value must begin with 0. The validate function does not accept Strings containing decimal numbers.


Sam Mikes smikes@cubane.com