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Get details about the current Continuous Integration environment.

Please open an issue if your CI server isn’t properly detected :)

npm Build status js-standard-style


npm install ci-info --save


var ci = require('ci-info')

if (ci.isCI) {
  console.log('The name of the CI server is:', ci.name)
} else {
  console.log('This program is not running on a CI server')

Supported CI tools

Officially supported CI servers:

Name Constant isPR
AWS CodeBuild ci.CODEBUILD 🚫
AppVeyor ci.APPVEYOR βœ…
Azure Pipelines ci.AZURE_PIPELINES βœ…
Bamboo by Atlassian ci.BAMBOO 🚫
Bitbucket Pipelines ci.BITBUCKET βœ…
Bitrise ci.BITRISE βœ…
Buddy ci.BUDDY βœ…
Buildkite ci.BUILDKITE βœ…
CircleCI ci.CIRCLE βœ…
Cirrus CI ci.CIRRUS βœ…
Codeship ci.CODESHIP 🚫
Drone ci.DRONE βœ…
dsari ci.DSARI 🚫
GitLab CI ci.GITLAB 🚫
GoCD ci.GOCD 🚫
Hudson ci.HUDSON 🚫
Jenkins CI ci.JENKINS βœ…
Magnum CI ci.MAGNUM 🚫
Netlify CI ci.NETLIFY βœ…
Sail CI ci.SAIL βœ…
Semaphore ci.SEMAPHORE βœ…
Shippable ci.SHIPPABLE βœ…
Solano CI ci.SOLANO βœ…
Strider CD ci.STRIDER 🚫
TaskCluster ci.TASKCLUSTER 🚫
TeamCity by JetBrains ci.TEAMCITY 🚫
Travis CI ci.TRAVIS βœ…



Returns a string containing name of the CI server the code is running on. If CI server is not detected, it returns null.

Don’t depend on the value of this string not to change for a specific vendor. If you find your self writing ci.name === 'Travis CI', you most likely want to use ci.TRAVIS instead.


Returns a boolean. Will be true if the code is running on a CI server, otherwise false.

Some CI servers not listed here might still trigger the ci.isCI boolean to be set to true if they use certain vendor neutral environment variables. In those cases ci.name will be null and no vendor specific boolean will be set to true.


Returns a boolean if PR detection is supported for the current CI server. Will be true if a PR is being tested, otherwise false. If PR detection is not supported for the current CI server, the value will be null.


A vendor specific boolean constant is exposed for each support CI vendor. A constant will be true if the code is determined to run on the given CI server, otherwise false.

Examples of vendor constants are ci.TRAVIS or ci.APPVEYOR. For a complete list, see the support table above.

Deprecated vendor constants that will be removed in the next major release: