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npm-profile − Change settings on your registry profile


npm profile get [−−json|−−parseable] [<property>]
npm profile set [−−json|−−parseable] <property> <value>
npm profile set password
npm profile enable−2fa [auth−and−writes|auth−only]
npm profile disable−2fa

Change your profile information on the registry. This not be available if you’re using a non−npmjs registry.

npm profile get [<property>]: Display all of the properties of your profile, or one or more specific properties. It looks like:

| name | example |
| email | me@example.com (verified) |
| two factor auth | auth−and−writes |
| fullname | Example User |
| homepage | |
| freenode | |
| twitter | |
| github | |
| created | 2015−02−26T01:38:35.892Z |
| updated | 2017−10−02T21:29:45.922Z |

npm profile set <property> <value>: Set the value of a profile property. You can set the following properties this way:

email, fullname, homepage, freenode, twitter, github

npm profile set password: Change your password. This is interactive, you’ll be prompted for your current password and a new password. You’ll also be prompted for an OTP if you have two−factor authentication enabled.

npm profile enable−2fa [auth−and−writes|auth−only]: Enables two−factor authentication. Defaults to auth−and−writes mode. Modes are:

auth−only: Require an OTP when logging in or making changes to your account’s authentication. The OTP will be required on both the website and the command line.

auth−and−writes: Requires an OTP at all the times auth−only does, and also requires one when publishing a module, setting the latest dist−tag, or changing access via npm access and npm owner.

npm profile disable−2fa: Disables two−factor authentication.

All of the npm profile subcommands accept −−json and −−parseable and will tailor their output based on those. Some of these commands may not be available on non npmjs.com registries.

See Also

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