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Retrieve funding information


    npm fund [<pkg>]


This command retrieves information on how to fund the dependencies of a given project. If no package name is provided, it will list all dependencies that are looking for funding in a tree-structure in which are listed the type of funding and the url to visit. If a package name is provided then it tries to open its funding url using the --browser config param; if there are multiple funding sources for the package, the user will be instructed to pass the --which command to disambiguate.

The list will avoid duplicated entries and will stack all packages that share the same type/url as a single entry. Given this nature the list is not going to have the same shape of the output from npm ls.



The browser that is called by the npm fund command to open websites.


Show information in JSON format.


Whether to represent the tree structure using unicode characters. Set it to false in order to use all-ansi output.


If there are multiple funding sources, which 1-indexed source URL to open.

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