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Member "node-v12.18.4-win-x64/node_modules/npm/node_modules/normalize-package-data/lib/warning_messages.json" (14 Feb 2020, 1828 Bytes) of package /windows/www/node-v12.18.4-win-x64.zip:

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    1 {
    2   "repositories": "'repositories' (plural) Not supported. Please pick one as the 'repository' field"
    3   ,"missingRepository": "No repository field."
    4   ,"brokenGitUrl": "Probably broken git url: %s"
    5   ,"nonObjectScripts": "scripts must be an object"
    6   ,"nonStringScript": "script values must be string commands"
    7   ,"nonArrayFiles": "Invalid 'files' member"
    8   ,"invalidFilename": "Invalid filename in 'files' list: %s"
    9   ,"nonArrayBundleDependencies": "Invalid 'bundleDependencies' list. Must be array of package names"
   10   ,"nonStringBundleDependency": "Invalid bundleDependencies member: %s"
   11   ,"nonDependencyBundleDependency": "Non-dependency in bundleDependencies: %s"
   12   ,"nonObjectDependencies": "%s field must be an object"
   13   ,"nonStringDependency": "Invalid dependency: %s %s"
   14   ,"deprecatedArrayDependencies": "specifying %s as array is deprecated"
   15   ,"deprecatedModules": "modules field is deprecated"
   16   ,"nonArrayKeywords": "keywords should be an array of strings"
   17   ,"nonStringKeyword": "keywords should be an array of strings"
   18   ,"conflictingName": "%s is also the name of a node core module."
   19   ,"nonStringDescription": "'description' field should be a string"
   20   ,"missingDescription": "No description"
   21   ,"missingReadme": "No README data"
   22   ,"missingLicense": "No license field."
   23   ,"nonEmailUrlBugsString": "Bug string field must be url, email, or {email,url}"
   24   ,"nonUrlBugsUrlField": "bugs.url field must be a string url. Deleted."
   25   ,"nonEmailBugsEmailField": "bugs.email field must be a string email. Deleted."
   26   ,"emptyNormalizedBugs": "Normalized value of bugs field is an empty object. Deleted."
   27   ,"nonUrlHomepage": "homepage field must be a string url. Deleted."
   28   ,"invalidLicense": "license should be a valid SPDX license expression"
   29   ,"typo": "%s should probably be %s."
   30 }