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Nested/recursive .gitignore/.npmignore parsing and filtering.

Walk a directory creating a list of entries, parsing any .ignore files met along the way to exclude files.


const walk = require('ignore-walk')

// All options are optional, defaults provided.

// this function returns a promise, but you can also pass a cb
// if you like that approach better.
  path: '...', // root dir to start in. defaults to process.cwd()
  ignoreFiles: [ '.gitignore' ], // list of filenames. defaults to ['.ignore']
  includeEmpty: true|false, // true to include empty dirs, default false
  follow: true|false // true to follow symlink dirs, default false
}, callback)

// to walk synchronously, do it this way:
const result = walk.sync({ path: '/wow/such/filepath' })

If you want to get at the underlying classes, they’re at walk.Walker and walk.WalkerSync.