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npm-shrinkwrap.json − A publishable lockfile

is a file created by npm help shrinkwrap. It is identical to package−lock.json, with one major caveat: Unlike package−lock.json, npm−shrinkwrap.json may be included when publishing a package.

The recommended use−case for npm−shrinkwrap.json is applications deployed through the publishing process on the registry: for example, daemons and command−line tools intended as global installs or devDependencies. It’s strongly discouraged for library authors to publish this file, since that would prevent end users from having control over transitive dependency updates.

Additionally, if both package−lock.json and npm−shrinkwrap.json are present in a package root, package−lock.json will be ignored in favor of this file.

For full details and description of the npm−shrinkwrap.json file format, refer to the manual page for npm help package−lock.json.

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