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    2 Description="PL/SQL"
    4 Categories = {"database"}
    6 Keywords={
    7   { Id=1,
    8     List={"abort", "abs", "absent", "absolute", "access", "according", "action", "ada",
    9     "add", "admin", "after", "aggregate", "alias", "all", "allocate", "also",
   10     "alter", "always", "analyse", "analyze", "and", "any", "are", "array",
   11     "array_agg", "as", "asc", "asensitive", "assertion", "assignment", "asymmetric",
   12     "at", "atomic", "attribute", "attributes", "authorization", "avg", "backward",
   13     "base64", "before", "begin", "bernoulli", "between", "binary", "bit",
   14     "bitvar", "bit_length", "blob", "blocked", "bom", "both", "breadth",
   15     "by", "cache", "call", "called", "cardinality", "cascade", "cascaded", "case",
   16     "cast", "catalog", "catalog_name", "ceil", "ceiling", "chain",
   17     "characteristics", "characters", "character_length",
   18     "character_set_catalog", "character_set_name", "character_set_schema",
   19     "char_length", "check", "checked", "checkpoint", "class", "class_origin",
   20     "clob", "close", "cluster", "coalesce", "cobol", "collate", "collation",
   21     "collation_catalog", "collation_name", "collation_schema", "collect", "column",
   22     "columns", "column_name", "command_function", "command_function_code",
   23     "comment", "comments", "commit", "committed", "completion", "concurrently",
   24     "condition", "condition_number", "configuration", "connect", "connection",
   25     "connection_name", "constraint", "constraints", "constraint_catalog",
   26     "constraint_name", "constraint_schema", "constructor", "contains", "content",
   27     "continue", "control", "conversion", "convert", "copy", "corr", "corresponding",
   28     "cost", "count", "covar_pop", "covar_samp", "create", "createdb", "createrole",
   29     "createuser", "cross", "csv", "cube", "cume_dist", "current", "current_catalog",
   30     "current_date", "current_default_transform_group", "current_path",
   31     "current_role", "current_schema", "current_time", "current_timestamp",
   32     "current_transform_group_for_type", "current_user", "cursor", "cursor_name",
   33     "cycle", "data", "database", "datalink",  "datetime_interval_code",
   34     "datetime_interval_precision", "day", "db", "deallocate", "dec", "decimal",
   35     "declare", "default", "defaults", "deferrable", "deferred", "defined",
   36     "definer", "degree", "delete", "delimiter", "delimiters", "dense_rank", "depth",
   37     "deref", "derived", "desc", "describe", "descriptor", "destroy", "destructor",
   38     "deterministic", "diagnostics", "dictionary", "disable", "discard",
   39     "disconnect", "dispatch", "distinct", "dlnewcopy", "dlpreviouscopy",
   40     "dlurlcomplete", "dlurlcompleteonly", "dlurlcompletewrite", "dlurlpath",
   41     "dlurlpathonly", "dlurlpathwrite", "dlurlscheme", "dlurlserver", "dlvalue",
   42     "do", "document", "domain", "double", "drop", "dynamic", "dynamic_function",
   43     "dynamic_function_code", "each", "element", "else", "empty", "enable",
   44     "encoding", "encrypted", "end", "end-exec", "enum", "equals", "escape", "every",
   45     "except", "exception", "exclude", "excluding", "exclusive", "exec", "execute",
   46     "existing", "exists", "exp", "explain", "external", "extract", "false",
   47     "family", "fetch", "file", "filter", "final", "first", "first_value", "flag",
   48     "floor", "following", "for", "force", "foreign", "fortran", "forward",
   49     "found", "free", "freeze", "from", "fs", "full", "function", "functions",
   50     "fusion", "general", "generated", "get", "global", "go", "goto", "grant",
   51     "granted", "greatest", "group", "grouping", "handler", "having", "header",
   52     "hex", "hierarchy", "hold", "host", "hour", "id", "identity", "if", "ignore",
   53     "ilike", "immediate", "immutable", "implementation", "implicit", "import", "in",
   54     "including", "increment", "indent", "index", "indexes", "indicator", "infix",
   55     "inherit", "inherits", "initialize", "initially", "inline", "inner", "inout",
   56     "input", "insensitive", "insert", "instance", "instantiable", "instead",
   57     "integrity", "intersect", "intersection", "interval", "into",
   58     "invoker", "is", "isnull", "isolation", "iterate", "join", "key", "key_member",
   59     "key_type", "lag", "language", "large", "last", "last_value", "lateral",
   60     "lc_collate", "lc_ctype", "lead", "leading", "least", "left", "length", "less",
   61     "level", "library", "like", "like_regex", "limit", "link", "listen", "ln",
   62     "load", "local", "localtime", "localtimestamp", "location", "locator", "lock",
   63     "login", "lower", "map", "mapping", "match", "matched", "max", "maxvalue",
   64     "max_cardinality", "member", "merge", "message_length", "message_octet_length",
   65     "message_text", "method", "min", "minute", "minvalue", "mod", "mode",
   66     "modifies", "modify", "module", "month", "more", "move", "multiset", "mumps",
   67     "name", "names", "namespace", "national", "natural", "nchar", "nclob",
   68     "nesting", "new", "next", "nfc", "nfd", "nfkc", "nfkd", "nil", "no",
   69     "nocreatedb", "nocreaterole", "nocreateuser", "noinherit", "nologin", "none",
   70     "normalize", "normalized", "nosuperuser", "not", "nothing", "notify", "notnull",
   71     "nowait", "nth_value", "ntile", "null", "nullable", "nullif", "nulls",
   72     "numeric", "object", "occurrences_regex", "octets", "octet_length", "of", "off",
   73     "offset", "oids", "old", "on", "only", "open", "operation", "operator",
   74     "option", "options", "or", "order", "ordering", "ordinality", "others", "out",
   75     "outer", "output", "over", "overlaps", "overlay", "overriding", "owned",
   76     "owner", "pad", "parameter", "parameters", "parameter_mode", "parameter_name",
   77     "parameter_ordinal_position", "parameter_specific_catalog",
   78     "parameter_specific_name", "parameter_specific_schema", "parser", "partial",
   79     "partition", "pascal", "passing", "passthrough", "password", "path",
   80     "percentile_cont", "percentile_disc", "percent_rank", "permission", "placing",
   81     "plans", "pli", "position", "position_regex", "postfix", "power", "preceding",
   82     "precision", "prefix", "preorder", "prepare", "prepared", "preserve", "primary",
   83     "prior", "privileges", "procedural", "procedure", "public", "quote", "range",
   84     "rank", "read", "reads", "real", "reassign", "recheck", "recovery", "recursive",
   85     "ref", "references", "referencing", "regr_avgx", "regr_avgy", "regr_count",
   86     "regr_intercept", "regr_r2", "regr_slope", "regr_sxx", "regr_sxy", "regr_syy",
   87     "reindex", "relative", "release", "rename", "repeatable", "replace", "replica",
   88     "requiring", "reset", "respect", "restart", "restore", "restrict", "result",
   89     "return", "returned_cardinality", "returned_length", "returned_octet_length",
   90     "returned_sqlstate", "returning", "returns", "revoke", "right", "role",
   91     "rollback", "rollup", "routine", "routine_catalog", "routine_name",
   92     "routine_schema", "row", "rows", "row_count", "row_number", "rule", "savepoint",
   93     "scale", "schema", "schema_name", "scope", "scope_catalog", "scope_name",
   94     "scope_schema", "scroll", "search", "second", "section", "security", "select",
   95     "selective", "self", "sensitive", "sequence", "sequences", "serializable",
   96     "server", "server_name", "session", "session_user", "set", "setof", "sets",
   97     "share", "show", "similar", "simple", "size", "smallint", "some", "source",
   98     "space", "specific", "specifictype", "specific_name", "sql", "sqlcode",
   99     "sqlerror", "sqlexception", "sqlstate", "sqlwarning", "sqrt", "stable",
  100     "standalone", "start", "state", "statement", "static", "statistics",
  101     "stddev_pop", "stddev_samp", "stdin", "stdout", "storage", "strict", "strip",
  102     "structure", "style", "subclass_origin", "sublist", "submultiset", "substring",
  103     "substring_regex", "sum", "superuser", "symmetric", "sysid", "system",
  104     "system_user", "table", "tables", "tablesample", "tablespace", "table_name",
  105     "temp", "template", "temporary", "terminate",  "than", "then", "ties",
  106     "time", "timestamp", "timezone_hour", "timezone_minute", "to", "token",
  107     "top_level_count", "trailing", "transaction", "transactions_committed",
  108     "transactions_rolled_back", "transaction_active", "transform", "transforms",
  109     "translate", "translate_regex", "translation", "treat", "trigger",
  110     "trigger_catalog", "trigger_name", "trigger_schema", "trim", "trim_array",
  111     "true", "truncate", "trusted", "type", "uescape", "unbounded", "uncommitted",
  112     "under", "unencrypted", "union", "unique", "unknown", "unlink", "unlisten",
  113     "unnamed", "unnest", "until", "untyped", "update", "upper", "uri", "usage",
  114     "user", "user_defined_type_catalog", "user_defined_type_code",
  115     "user_defined_type_name", "user_defined_type_schema", "using", "vacuum",
  116     "valid", "validator", "value", "values", "varbinary", "variable",
  117     "variadic", "varying", "var_pop", "var_samp", "verbose", "version", "view",
  118     "volatile", "when", "whenever", "where", "whitespace", "width_bucket", "window",
  119     "with", "within", "without", "work", "wrapper", "write", "xml", "xmlagg",
  120     "xmlattributes", "xmlbinary", "xmlcast", "xmlcomment", "xmlconcat",
  121     "xmldeclaration", "xmldocument", "xmlelement", "xmlexists", "xmlforest",
  122     "xmliterate", "xmlnamespaces", "xmlparse", "xmlpi", "xmlquery", "xmlroot",
  123     "xmlschema", "xmlserialize", "xmltable", "xmltext", "xmlvalidate", "year",
  124     "yes", "zone"},
  125   },
  126   { Id=2,
  127     List={"boolean", "char", "character", "date", "float", "integer", "int", "long",
  128             "mlslabel", "number", "raw", "rowid", "varchar", "varchar2", "varray" ,"text", "bigint"},
  129   },
  130   { Id=3,
  131     Regex=[[\:\w+]],
  132   },
  133   { Id=4,
  134     Regex=[[(\w+)\s*\(]],
  135   },
  136 }
  138 Strings={
  139   Delimiter=[["|']],
  140 }
  142 IgnoreCase=true
  145   { Block=false,
  146     Delimiter= { [[\-\-]] },
  147   },
  148   { Block=true,
  149     Nested=false,
  150     Delimiter= { [[\/\*]],[[\*\/]],}
  151   }
  152 }
  154 Operators=[[\(|\)|\[|\]|\{|\}|\,|\;|\:|\&|<|>|\!|\=|\/|\*|\%|\+|\-]]