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Member "highlight-3.57-x64/extras/web_plugins/serendipity_event_highlight/lang_en.inc.php" (12 May 2020, 2435 Bytes) of package /windows/www/highlight-3.57-x64.zip:

As a special service "Fossies" has tried to format the requested source page into HTML format using (guessed) PHP source code syntax highlighting (style: standard) with prefixed line numbers and code folding option. Alternatively you can here view or download the uninterpreted source code file.

    1 <?php 
    3 @define('PLUGIN_EVENT_HIGHLIGHT_NAME',     'Markup: Highlight');
    4 @define('PLUGIN_EVENT_HIGHLIGHT_DESC',     'Coloured Syntax Highlighting using the highlight utility. Tag usage: [highlight lang=langName ] code [/highlight]');
    5 @define('PLUGIN_EVENT_HIGHLIGHT_TRANSFORM', 'You can use <b>[highlight lang=langName][/highlight]</b> tags to embed source code snippets');
    8 @define('PLUGIN_EVENT_HIGHLIGHT_HLBINDIR','Path of highlight binary');
    9 @define('PLUGIN_EVENT_HIGHLIGHT_HLBINDIR_DESC','Path of the highlight binary');
   10 @define('PLUGIN_EVENT_HIGHLIGHT_HLDATADIR','Path of highlight data directory');
   11 @define('PLUGIN_EVENT_HIGHLIGHT_HLDATADIR_DESC','This directory contains the data files located in the subdirectories langDefs, themes etc');
   12 @define('PLUGIN_EVENT_HIGHLIGHT_LINENUMBERS', 'Line number printout');
   13 @define('PLUGIN_EVENT_HIGHLIGHT_LINENUMBERS_DESC','Define if the line numbers should be shown.');
   14 @define('PLUGIN_EVENT_HIGHLIGHT_LINENUMBERZEROES', 'Line number padding');
   15 @define('PLUGIN_EVENT_HIGHLIGHT_LINENUMBERZEROES_DESC','Define if the line numbers should be padded with zeroes.');
   16 @define('PLUGIN_EVENT_HIGHLIGHT_LINENUMBERSTART', 'Line number start');
   17 @define('PLUGIN_EVENT_HIGHLIGHT_LINENUMBERSTART_DESC','Define where the line numbering should start.');
   18 @define('PLUGIN_EVENT_HIGHLIGHT_LINENUMBERLEN', 'Line number width');
   19 @define('PLUGIN_EVENT_HIGHLIGHT_LINENUMBERLEN_DESC','Define the line number width.');
   20 @define('PLUGIN_EVENT_HIGHLIGHT_THEMES', 'Color theme');
   21 @define('PLUGIN_EVENT_HIGHLIGHT_THEMES_DESC','Choose a color theme which matches your blog.');
   22 @define('PLUGIN_EVENT_HIGHLIGHT_FORMAT', 'Code reformatting');
   23 @define('PLUGIN_EVENT_HIGHLIGHT_FORMAT_DESC','Choose a indentation and reformatting scheme to reformat C, C++, C# and Java code.');
   25 @define('PLUGIN_EVENT_HIGHLIGHT_WRAP', 'Line wrapping');
   26 @define('PLUGIN_EVENT_HIGHLIGHT_WRAP_DESC','Define if long lines should be wrapped. WRAP INTELLIGENT means that function parameters and assignments are intended after wrapping.');
   27 @define('PLUGIN_EVENT_HIGHLIGHT_WRAPLEN', 'Line length before wrapping');
   28 @define('PLUGIN_EVENT_HIGHLIGHT_WRAPLEN_DESC','Set the maximum line length (only available if line wrapping is not disabled above).');
   29 @define('PLUGIN_EVENT_HIGHLIGHT_TABLEN', 'Tab width');
   30 @define('PLUGIN_EVENT_HIGHLIGHT_TABLEN_DESC','Define how many spaces should replace a tab.');
   32 ?>