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Syntax Highlighting Examples

A collection of syntax highlighting examples for Highlight’s natively supported languages.

Table of Contents

Folder Contents

End user contents:

Extra files and source material for maintainers:

About the Examples

The goal of this folder is to gather a source code example for every language natively supported by Highlight.

Examples Source Files

The examples source files are stored in the ex-src/ folder, so they can be easily accessed via Highlight GUI for testing themes:

Beside offering a quick preview of how a language can be colorized by Highlight, examples files should also serve the following purposes:

Examples Preview Document

A single HTML document containing all the highlighted examples and some extra info on the languages is also available:

Current Status

This sub-project is in its early stage, so only a few languages have an example at this moment. The ultimate goal is to provide an example for every supported language, so if you are fluent in any of the missing languages feel free to contribute your own example files.

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