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highlight 3.57


highlight 3.56


highlight 3.55


highlight 3.54.1


  • W32 CLI: fixed two pass mode if executed in Mingw shell

highlight 3.54


  • fixed default colour output in BBCode (https://gitlab.com/saalen/highlight/issues/134)

  • fixed corner case in sh.lang

  • fixed syntax tests with UTF-8 input (https://gitlab.com/saalen/highlight/issues/123)

  • added support for Bash in outhtml_codefold.lua plug-in

  • added ballerina.lang

  • added block strings to java.lang

  • added author hints in themes and language definitions

  • added C++20 reserved words in c.lang

  • added editorconfig file and validated all files accordingly (thanks to Tristano Ajmone)

  • CLI: fixed --list-scripts with -d or HIGHLIGHT_DATADIR env variable (https://gitlab.com/saalen/highlight/issues/139)

  • GUI W32: replaced multibyte path trace window by startup hint if NtfsDisable8dot3NameCreation is set

  • GUI: removed AsciiDoc instruction lines from the README popup window

highlight 3.53


highlight 3.52


highlight 3.51


highlight 3.50


  • added lineno, column parameters to OnStateChange hook

  • added support for Crystal (thanks to C R Jaensch)

  • added support for Slim (https://gitlab.com/saalen/highlight/merge_requests/85)

  • compress man docs during installation (thanks to Chris Mayo)

  • fixed several typos in documentation and manpages

  • CLI: added --syntax-by-name option (suggested by Chris Mayo)

  • CLI: removed deprecated --list-langs and`--list-themes` options

  • GUI: added terminal sequence output options (https://gitlab.com/saalen/highlight/issues/110)

highlight 3.49


  • fixed more problems with syntax test indicators reporting wrong states (https://gitlab.com/saalen/highlight/issues/102)

  • added support for Meson, Solidity, TOML and Terraform

  • improved Perl and Yaml highlighting

  • added Categories field to all config files

  • CLI: added category info in --list-scripts output

  • CLI: added --list-cat option (https://gitlab.com/saalen/highlight/issues/99)

  • CLI: added optional topic parameter to --help

  • GUI: added theme category selection

  • GUI: display categories of selected syntax or theme

highlight 3.48


  • fixed --list-scripts abortion with Fedora default compilation options (https://gitlab.com/saalen/highlight/issues/84)

  • fixed a problem with syntax test indicators reporting wrong states after comments

  • improved Verilog syntax

  • improved quoted string highlighting for Perl and Ruby

  • detection of pkg-config’s Lua version in src/makefile

highlight 3.47


  • fixed xterm256 and truecolor whitespace output #2 (https://gitlab.com/saalen/highlight/issues/90)

  • fixed LaTeX, TeX, SVG and ODT whitespace output (regression of 3.45)

  • added darkplus theme (https://gitlab.com/saalen/highlight/merge_requests/84)

  • converted ChangeLog to AsciiDoc

  • allowed state test indicators to match both whitespace (ws) and the enclosing state (others)

  • CLI: default output changed to xterm256 or truecolor if run in a terminal with color support and only a single file is outputted

  • GUI: added checkbox in the clipboard tab to output selected lines only

highlight 3.46


highlight 3.45


highlight 3.44


highlight 3.43


highlight 3.42


  • fixed HL_OUTPUT in Lua state for HL_FORMAT_XHTML and HL_FORMAT_TRUECOLOR values

  • fixed lib-shared make target

  • updated astyle code to release 3.1.0 beta

  • added Polygen and EBNF2 syntax definitions (thanks to Tristano Ajmone)

  • added pywal terminal colouring template in extras/pywal

  • added reformatting style ratliff (replaces banner)

  • added extras/langDefs-resources/cleanslate.lang (thanks to Tristano Ajmone)

  • improved Perl6 compatibility

  • improved PHP string interpolation

  • improved Haskell definition (https://github.com/andre-simon/highlight/pull/52)

  • CLI: added --canvas option to define background color padding in ANSI output (https://github.com/andre-simon/highlight/issues/40)

  • GUI: added French translation (thanks to Antoine Belvire)

  • GUI: added Scripts tab (suggested by Tristano Ajmone)

  • GUI: minor bugfixes

highlight 3.41


  • renamed examples directory to extras

  • line anchors (-a) are attached as id attribute to the first span or li tag in HTML output (https://github.com/andre-simon/highlight/issues/36)

  • renamed ID prefix in outhtml_codefold plug-in to be compatible with -a IDs

  • added fstab.lang and added anacrontab in filetypes.conf

  • removed references to OutputType::HTML32

  • added extras/css-themes and extras/langDefs-resources (thanks to Tristano Ajmone)

  • CLI: removed deprecated indicator of --data-dir option

  • CLI: added --no-version-info option

  • GUI: fixed initial theme selection

  • GUI: added "Omit version info comment" option

  • GUI: added "Copy with MIME type" option for HTML output (https://github.com/andre-simon/highlight/issues/32)

highlight 3.40


highlight 3.39


highlight 3.38


highlight 3.37


highlight 3.36


  • fixed code folding plugin to support more Ruby conditional modifiers (thanks to Jens Schleusener)

  • fixed Perl quoted string highlighting (thanks to Jens Schleusener)

  • added new GeneratorOverride syntax definition parameter

  • added Filenames parameter in filetypes.conf to assign input filenames to syntax types (suggested by Andy)

  • added FASM definition and edit-fasm theme (thanks to Tristano Ajmone)

  • added outhtml_ie7_webctrl plug-in (suggested by Tristano Ajmone)

  • GUI: file extensions can be configured for multiple languages, triggers syntax selection prompt

  • GUI: added Italian translation (thanks to Tristano Ajmone)

highlight 3.35


  • fixed code folding plugin to support Ruby conditional modifiers

  • fixed JSON definition (thanks to Timothee Cour)

  • fixed output of unknown syntax warning with applied force switch (thanks to Andy)

  • added state trace parameter to Decorate plug-in function

  • added GDScript definition and edit-godot theme (thanks to Tristano Ajmone)

  • updated SWIG code samples

  • updated Artistic Style lib (SVN Rev. 553)

  • revised docs

  • CLI: fixed creation of hidden files if output filename is prepended by its input path

  • CLI: added switch --stdout (https://sourceforge.net/p/syntaxhighlight/bugs/14)

highlight 3.34


  • fixed segfault with --skip applied on a single file input list (thanks to Jens Schleusener)

  • added support for Python 3.6 syntax

  • added Github and Sourceforge themes

highlight 3.33


  • fixed highlighting of nested section delimiters

  • fixed PHP definition (thanks to Christoph Burschka)

  • fixed font family declaration in SVG

  • fixed user defined encoding in ODT

  • fixed unnecessary output of style file with --inline-css (thanks to Jens Schleusener)

  • added vimscript language definition (thanks to Max Christian Pohle)

  • added Coffeescript language definition (thanks to Jess Austin)

  • added PureBasic definition and theme (thanks to Tristano Ajmone)

  • added JSX language definition (suggested by Max Stoiber)

  • added PO translation definition

  • added plug-in outhtml_add_figure.lua

  • updated js definition

  • updated Artistic Style lib (SVN Rev. 521)

  • improved various color themes and syntax definitions

highlight 3.32


  • added support for true color escape codes (--out-format truecolor)

  • fixed xterm256 output for paging with less (thanks to Fylwind)

  • fixed operator regex in rnc.lang, crk.lang and yaml.lang (thanks to Joe Klauza)

  • added Pony and Whiley definitions

  • updated Ceylon, Julia and TypeScript definitions

  • added Go, AutoHotKey, TypeScript and R to the foldable list in the outhtml_codefold.lua plug-in

  • removed plugins/bash_ref_linuxmanpages_com.lua

  • GUI: fixed README, ChangeLog and License file paths on Linux

highlight 3.31


  • revised documentation

  • GUI: fixed minor layout issues

highlight 3.30


  • the data directory can be defined with the HIGHLIGHT_DATADIR environment variable

  • fixed RTF output of UTF-8 input; needs input encoding set to utf-8 (thanks to Kamigishi Rei)

  • fixed XML comment recognition (thanks to Mani)

  • data search directories were appended to the result of --list-scripts

  • revised older syntax definitions

  • updated base URLs of bash_ref_linuxmanpages and cpp_ref_qtproject plug-ins

  • GUI: added system copy and paste shortcuts for clipboard functions (suggested by Kamigishi Rei)

highlight 3.29


  • added Ansible Yaml definition (thanks to Raphael Droz)

  • added Chapel definition (thanks to Lydia Duncan)

  • fixed gcc 6 warnings about deprecated auto_ptr usage

  • src/makefile: added -std=c++11 because of auto_ptr to unique_ptr transition (thanks to Jens Schleusener)

  • GUI: fixed style file output if "write to source directory" option is checked (thanks to Jim Pattee)

highlight 3.28


  • added support of Pascal, Lua, Ruby and C# regions in outhtml_codefold.lua

  • improved outhtml_codefold.lua to handle embedded languages

  • added string delimiters in the Ruby definition

  • added new AssertEqualLength flag in string section of language definitions

  • improved heredoc parsing

  • fixed Lua multiline string recognition

  • improved SVG whitespace output (patch by Paul de Vrieze)

  • added Nim and mIRC Scripting definitions

highlight 3.27


  • improved outhtml_codefold.lua to ignore brackets on the same line

  • added RTF output to mark_lines.lua

  • fixed Powershell and NSIS definitions

  • added JSON and Github Markdown definitions

  • CLI: added --keep-injections option to force plugin injection output with -f

  • GUI: added keep injections checkbox

  • GUI: fixed crash after removing selected plugins

highlight 3.26


  • added HL_REJECT state to be used in a OnStateChange function

  • added DecorateLineBegin and DecorateLineEnd hooks

  • added mark_lines.lua, outhtml_codefold.lua, comment_links.lua plug-ins

  • fixed font face in ODT output

  • fixed Operators parameter in frink.lang and oorexx.lang

  • fixed regular expression parsing within strings for JS, Perl and Ruby

  • CLI: added --page-color option to include a page color in RTF output

  • GUI: added RTF page color checkbox

highlight 3.25


  • added new SVG definition to support embedded scripting

  • improved js.lang, css.lang, scss.lang, less.lang, tsql.lang

  • modified HTML ordered list output to work better with new plug-ins

  • renamed plug-in variable HL_INPUT_FILE to HL_PLUGIN_PARAM

  • CLI: renamed --plug-in-read option to --plug-in-param

  • GUI: updated plug-in parameter label and tool-tips

  • GUI: fixed minor issues

highlight 3.24


  • fixed TeX output for cweb documents (patch by Ingo Krabbe)

  • fixed string interpolation in bat.lang

  • added reduce_filesize.lua, outhtml_add_shadow.lua, outhtml_add_background_svg.lua, outhtml_add_background_stripes.lua, outhtml_add_line.lua plug-ins

  • added TCL extension in examples/tcl

  • added kotlin.lang, nginx.lang and julia.lang

  • updated php.lang to include version 7 keywords

  • updated ceylon.lang to include version 1.2 keywords

  • updated scripts in examples directory

  • CLI: style-infile option marked as deprecated

  • GUI: shortened paths in file input lists

highlight 3.23


  • added rs.lang

  • added conf.lang (thanks to Victor Ananjevsky)

  • added some extensions in filetypes.conf (patch by Victor Ananjevsky)

  • fixed Matlab definition and style (thanks to Justin Pearson)

  • CLI: fixed --list-scripts with unknown argument (thanks to Jens Schleusener)

highlight 3.22


  • updated astyle code to release 2.05.1

  • fixed shebang recognition (thanks to Victor Ananjevsky)

  • GUI: added option to define line numbering start

highlight 3.21


  • added support for LESS, SASS and Stylus CSS processors (suggested by Marcel Bischoff)

  • added support for Lua 5.3, removed LUA52 makefile option

  • fixed heredoc matching in perl.lang (thanks to cornucopia)

  • fixed Haskell lang (thanks to Daan Michiels)

  • fixed RNC lang (thanks to Daan Michiels)

  • fixed regex pattern in js.lang

highlight 3.20


  • updated astyle code to release 2.05

  • added astyle reformatting style vtk

highlight 3.19


  • added bold, italic and underline attributes to xterm256 ANSI output (patch by Andrew Fuller)

  • fixed assembler mapping in filetypes.conf (thanks to Jens Schleusener)

  • added Swift definition

  • improved ASP, F#, OCaml and Lisp syntax definitions

  • added interpolation patterns to several definitions

  • updated base URLs in cpp_ref_gtk_gnome and cpp_ref_qtproject plug-ins

  • CLI: added Pango markup output option (patch by Dominik Schmidt)

highlight 3.18


  • filenames without extension (ie. makefile) can be mapped in filetypes.conf (suggested by Sam Craig)

  • fixed Rexx highlighting

  • added GDB language definition (thanks to A. Aniruddha)

  • added the.theme (thanks to Mark Hessling)

highlight 3.17


  • updated astyle code to release 2.04

  • added astyle reformatting styles google, pico and lisp

  • improved raw string parsing in cs.lang (patch by smdn.jp)

  • added regex recognition in js.lang (patch by Troy Sankey)

  • added PDF language definition (thanks to Roland Hieber)

highlight 3.16.1


highlight 3.16


  • updated astyle code to release 2.03

  • added heredoc string literal parsing for Lisp, Perl, PHP, Ruby and Bash

  • revised several language definitions

  • added DataDir::searchDataDir for the Perl SWIG bindings (thanks to David Bremner)

  • added SWIG PHP binding (patch by G. Wijaya)

highlight 3.15


  • updated Diluculum code to release 1.0 (support of Lua 5.2)

  • patched Diluculum to support Lua 5.1 and 5.2

  • added support for Yang (thanks to A. Aniruddha)

  • fixed Ruby definition

highlight 3.14


  • added HeaderInjection and FooterInjection variables for syntax plug-ins

  • fixed handling of CRLF files on Linux (suggested by William Bell)

  • replaced single data directory by a dynamic config file search; see README (suggested by Daniel)

  • added plug-ins outhtml_parantheses_matcher.lua, outhtml_keyword_matcher.lua

  • CLI: added --list-scripts option

  • CLI: marked --data-dir, --list-langs, --list-themes options as deprecated

  • CLI: removed --add-config-dir option

highlight 3.13


  • added support for Crack (thanks to Conrad Steenberg)

  • added XML shebang regex (thanks to Ferry Huberts)

  • added hints to makefile to deal with Lua 5.1 and LuaJIT system libs

  • updated cpp_ref_gtk_gnome.lua plug-in

  • updated cpp_ref_cplusplus_com.lua plug-in

  • CLI: fixed segfault if --force was applied and unknown files were parsed (thanks to Jussi Judin)

  • GUI: fixed unselected theme after first program start

highlight 3.12


  • CSS class name is omitted in HTML output if class-name option is set to NONE

  • added support for highlighting of string interpolation

  • added support for Dart and TypeScript

  • fixed SWIG module

  • GUI: added Simplified Chinese translation (thanks to Love NoAny)

highlight 3.11 beta


  • replaced Pattern/Matcher classes by the Boost xpressive library (now swig example is broken)

  • updated Relax NG syntax (thanks to Roger Sperberg)

  • added new oxygenated theme (thanks to Roger Sperberg)

  • fixed highlight.pro to include correct lua5.1 paths

  • GUI: fixed shebang recognition

highlight 3.10 beta


  • fixed HTML ordered lists to improve copy&paste in browsers (suggested by Nash)

  • changed default output from HTML 4.01 to HTML5

  • changed default HTML font family to include the generic monospace font

  • added ODT Flat XML output format (--out-format=odt)

  • added fontenc package in LaTeX output (patch by Yimin Li)

  • fixed RTF hyperlink output in several plug-ins

  • removed ctags option (functionality was replaced by plug-in)

  • CLI: added --wrap-no-numbers option (patch by Michael Enßlin)

  • GUI: replaced Qt file dialogs by native dialogs

highlight 3.9


  • enhanced the plug-in interface (added Decorator function and Injections property)

  • added several example plug-ins which show how to add keyword links to online references (e.g. cplusplus.com, perldoc.perl.org, qtproject_org)

  • added ctags plugin (ctags_html_tooltips.lua)

  • improved Perl and N3 definitions (thanks to Heiko Jansen)

  • CLI: marked --ctags-file option as deprecated

  • CLI: added --plug-in-read option to define an input file for plug-ins

  • CLI: fixed file suffix recognition

  • GUI: added input field for a plug-in input file

  • GUI: fixed initial input tab selection

  • GUI: set initial font selection to Courier

highlight 3.8


  • updated astyle code to release 2.02.1

  • fixed SWIG perl binding makefile (patch by David Bremner)

  • fixed shebang recognition (patch by Georgios M. Zarkadas)

  • fixed file suffix recognition (patch by Georgios M. Zarkadas)

  • fixed memory leak in astyle’s ASFormatter (patch by MENG Wei)

highlight 3.7


  • added support for Biferno (thanks to Sandro Bilbeisi)

  • added support for RPL (thanks to Frank Seidinger)

  • added support for Ceylon

  • fixed Ruby definition

  • HTML font string may contain a list of fonts, which is not enclosed in quotes (suggested by Sebastiano Poggi)

  • GUI: added --portable command line option to save config files in the current working directory instead of the user directory (suggested by Royi Avital)

  • GUI: fixed some language mappings

highlight 3.6


  • added support for UPC (thanks to Viraj Sinha)

  • added support for N3, N-Triples, Turtle, SPARQL (suggested by Heiko Jansen)

  • added Solarized color theme (thanks to Steve Huff)

  • fixed OCaml definition (thanks to Kakadu Hafanana)

  • fixed camo colour theme

  • removed sienna and desertEx colour themes

  • CLI: fixed segfault with --print-style option

  • GUI: added "Dock floating panels" checkbox in the main menu

highlight 3.5


  • updated astyle code to release 2.02

  • fixed --force option (thanks to Stefan Bühler)

highlight 3.4


  • added support for ABC, Algol, AS/400 CL, BCPL, Limbo, Gambas, JavaFX, RPG, Transact-SQL, PL/Perl, PL/Tcl, PL/Python, Charmm

  • fixed web plugins (Serendipity, DokuWiki, Wordpress)

  • fixed BBCode closing tag order

  • GUI: Updated Czech translation (thanks to Pavel Fric)

highlight 3.3


  • updated astyle code to release 2.01

  • fixed overwriting of files with the same name in recursive batch mode (thanks to Ramanathan U.)

  • added DataDir class to SWIG interface (patch by David Bremner)

  • added Andes theme (thanks to Roger Sperberg)

  • enabled deprecated @highlight pass-through (suggested by David Bremner)

  • dropped oceandeep theme

  • updated documentation

highlight 3.2


  • added plug-in function AddKeyword (suggested by Michael Serrano)

  • language definitions are cached instead of being reloaded if input syntax changes

  • added keyword group ID parameter to the plug-in function OnStateChange

  • added plug-in script bash_functions.lua

  • added theme description in output style’s comment

  • added enum and union keywords in c.lang (thanks to Thiago)

  • added dl linking flag in Makefile to fix Debian build error (thanks to Michael Serrano)

  • added NDEBUG flag in makefile to disable asserts

  • GUI: Added Czech translation (thanks to Pavel Fric)

highlight 3.1


  • updated Diluculum to version 0.5.3

  • fixed README

  • fixed conversion without highlighting (--syntax txt)

  • fixed msxml definition (thanks to Andrei Rosca)

  • added edit-flashdevelop theme (thanks to Andrei Rosca)

  • CLI: fixed minor bugs

highlight 3.1 beta3


  • added --config-file option

  • CLI: fixed minor bugs

  • GUI: renamed output specific options tab

  • GUI: remember state of the dock panel

highlight 3.1 beta2


  • moved plugin scripts from examples to new plugins directory

  • fixed web_plugin path in makefile (thanks to Jochen Schmitt)

  • fixed SWIG interface and example scripts

  • improved converted VIM colour themes

  • improved several language definitions (Fortran77, Zonnon, Basic, Verilog, Squirrel, R)

  • added new plugins (java_library.lua, theme_invert.lua)

  • GUI: added plug-in description label

  • GUI: moved setting controls into a dock panel

highlight 3.1 beta1


  • enabled loading of multiple plugins

  • added MXML language definition (suggested by Neal Delfeld)

  • fixed HTML, XML, CSS, Actionscript and JavaScript definitions

  • converted 60 popular VIM colour themes

highlight 3.0 beta


  • language definitions, themes, filetypes.conf were converted to Lua scripts (try examples/*2to3.py to convert old files)

  • added --plug-in option to enable user scripts

  • renamed *.style files to *.theme

  • moved include files from src/core to src/include

  • moved examples/plugins to examples/web_plugins

  • renamed --linenumbers to --line-numbers

  • renamed several language definitions and themes

  • fixed several string delimiter issues (Ruby, Lua)

  • changed default theme for xterm256 output to edit-vim-dark

  • changed short options: -O is --out-format, -d is --out-dir, -T is --doc-title

  • disabled --mark-line feature

  • disabled --add-data-dir feature

  • disabled separate output format options (use --out-format instead)

  • disabled XML output (use SVG or XHTML)

  • New dependencies: Lua5.1-devel, Boost Headers (Bind)

highlight 2.16


  • updated astyle code to release 1.24

  • added indentation styles 1tbs and horstmann

  • added --no-trailing-nl switch (suggested by Adiel Mittmann)

  • added Modula2 definition (thanks to Benjamin Kowarsch)

  • added EBNF definition (thanks to Mate Ory)

  • added ABNF, AutoHotKey, BBCode and Clean language definitions

  • updated C definition to support C0x syntax

  • added StartupNotify switch in desktop file (patch by Jochen Schmitt)

highlight 2.15


  • improved HTML nested language patterns (thanks to Simone)

  • improved Rexx and PL1 definitions (thanks to Robert Prins)

  • added support for NXC and NBC

  • GUI: added copy and paste support (thanks to Torsten Flammiger)

  • GUI: fixed preview of UTF-8 input

highlight 2.14


  • fixed Rexx output (thanks to Marc Hessling)

  • added support for Go and Pure

  • added support for BNF (thanks to Julien Fontanet)

  • updated Logtalk definition (thanks to Paulo Moura)

  • updated THE theme (thanks to Marc Hessling)

  • CLI: --quiet switch suppresses "Unknown source file extension" error (suggested by Nathan Gray)

highlight 2.13


  • fixed SVG output (thanks to Xico)

  • GUI: added new icon

highlight 2.12


  • fixed bug with $INCLUDE statement

  • fixed ctags file parsing

  • added nested language recognition within a source file (suggested by Pavel Striz)

  • added $NESTED statement to language definitions (pas, html, tex)

  • added support for F# (fs.lang)

  • added support for haXe (hx.lang)

  • improved various language definitions

  • revised documentation

  • LIB: added version to shared lib output name

  • CLI: added options --start-nested and --print-style

highlight 2.11


  • added BBCode output option (--bbcode, suggested by Qui Peccavit)

  • added new --delim-cr option to cope with MacOS 9 files (suggested by Steven Haddock)

  • added shared lib target (make lib-shared, suggested by Dario Teixeira)

  • list of installed languages (--list-langs) was enhanced to include mapped file extensions (suggested by Martin Kammerlander)

  • improved many colour themes using Agave (agave.sf.net)

highlight 2.10


  • fixed CR parsing bug on MacOS (thanks to Shiro Wilde)

  • fixed SWIG makefile (thanks to David Bremner)

  • license changed from GPLv2 to GPLv3 (incl. included libs)

  • updated Artistic Style lib to version 1.23

  • new indentation schemes: stroustrup, whitesmith, banner

  • removed indentSchemes and helpmsg directories

  • removed README_INDENT

  • replaced ide-devcpp theme by a new jedit theme

  • added support for Interactive Data Language (idlang, thanks to Roberto Mendoza)

  • added support for Rebol, Oz, Mercury, Zonnon, ATS (Applied Type System), CHILL, NetRexx, Inno Setup and INTERLIS

  • added pp, rjs, jnlp, groovy, gnad, es, sblc, ooc, gst, sq extensions to filetypes.conf

  • improved Prolog, Pike, Oberon, Nice, Java, Lisp, Lua, Haskell, C# and SML definitions

  • improved spec.lang for RPM (thanks to Luoyi Ly)

  • CLI: option --help-lang is deprecated

  • API: dropped setSpecialOptions(), renamed initializing methods to init*

highlight 2.9


  • added more customized boxes for the LaTeX --pretty-symbols switch (thanks to Romain Francois)

  • GUI: fixed makefile to pass custom paths to the Qt project makefile (thanks to Joerg Germeroth)

  • GUI: reduced window height (thanks to Fidel Barrera)

  • GUI: added Spanish translation (thanks to Fidel Barrera)

  • GUI: added drag and drop for input files

highlight 2.8


  • added --pretty-symbols option to improve LaTeX output quality of tilde and braces (thanks to Romain Francois)

  • omitted warning message if --syntax parameter is contained in the --skip list (thanks to Bob Smith)

  • included language descriptions in --list-langs output

  • dropped dependency of --replace-quotes and --fragment options

  • enhanced Python SWIG example (testmod.py)

  • added qmake language definition

  • fixed SWIG scripts (thanks to David Bremner)

  • fixed gcc 4.4 compilation (patch by Jochen Schmitt)

  • dropped core/html32generator.*

  • dropped src/gui (wxWidgets based interface)

  • GUI: rewrote the user interface using Qt

highlight 2.7


  • changed versioning scheme to major.minor

  • fixed infinite loop in the W32 build when outputting LaTeX/TeX as UTF-8 (thanks to Christophe Bal)

  • fixed VHDL and Scilab definitions (thanks to Frederik Teichert)

  • fixed XML definition (thanks to Edin)

  • fixed -r switch (thanks to Frederik Teichert)

  • fixed default number recognition regex

  • added Clojure language definition (thanks to Pierre Larochelle)

  • added wrapping arrow in LaTeX/HTML output if --wrap/--wrap-simple is set (suggested by Frederik Teichert)

  • updated ide-msvcpp.style to match current Visual Studio appearance (suggested by Pieter Kruger)

  • added make targets "lib" and "cli"

  • organized sources in subdirectories (core, cli, gui) and adjusted makefiles

highlight 2.6-14


  • added --ctags-file option to add tooltips with meta information in HTML output

  • added options to improve compatibility with GNU source-highlight:
    --doc, --no-doc, --tab, --css, --output-dir, --failsafe, --out-format, --src-lang, --line-number, --line-number-ref

  • fixed ADA95, C#, Eiffel, Fortran, TCL, Bash definitions

  • added Vala language definition

  • added several file suffixes to filetypes.conf

  • fixed gcc 4.3 compilation issues (patch by Detlef Reichelt)

  • fixed race condition in makefile (patch by Jochen Schmitt)

  • added exit condition if input path matches output path (suggested by James Haefner)

  • GUI: added ctags file selection options (only wx2.9 version)

highlight 2.6-13


  • added --skip option to ignore unknown file types (suggested by Bob Smith)

  • added Haskell LHS language definition (suggested by Sebastian Roeder)

  • added regex description for Perl and Ruby definitions

  • improved Bison, Paradox, SML, Snobol, Verilog definitions

  • renamed snobol.lang to sno.lang

  • updated Artistic Style lib to version 1.22

  • replaced dirstream lib by a faster file globbing method (invoked with --batch-recursive)

  • support for USE_FN_MATCH compile flag was dropped

  • Makefile generates libhighlight.a (suggested by Adiel Mittmann)

  • Updated SWIG makefile and documentation

highlight 2.6-12


  • added RTF character stylesheet option (suggested by Klaus Nordby)

  • fixed filetypes.conf path in RPM specfile (thanks to Nikita Borodikhin)

highlight 2.6-11


  • added SVG output option (--svg)

  • reassigned -G short option from --class-name to --svg

  • fixed various makefile issues (patches by Samuli Suominen)

  • added highlight.desktop file (suggested by Samuli Suominen)

  • GUI: added SVG and font selection options (only wx2.9 version)

  • GUI: reduced window height by hiding format specific input controls

  • updated highlight.spec to compile wx2.9 GUI

highlight 2.6-10


  • fixed XHTML output (thanks to Allen McPherson)

  • added Logtalk definition (thanks to Paulo Moura)

  • added support for Eiffel ecf project files (thanks to Jérémie Blaser)

  • various code improvements (patch by Antonio Diaz Diaz)

highlight 2.6-9


  • fixed --validate-input option with input from stdin

  • fixed missing DESTDIR prefix in makefile (thanks to Bob Smith)

  • fixed handling of several keyword regexes using the same group name

  • added support for Lilypond

  • added support for Arc (thanks to Pierre Larochelle)

  • added support for embedded output instructions (see README)

  • added examples/highlight_pipe.* (PHP, Perl and Python interface scripts)

  • replaced getopt_long by argparser class

  • language definition parameters $kw_list and $kw_re are merged to $keywords

  • GUI: fixed preview of UTF-8 files (thanks to Victor Woo)

  • GUI: added all-gui-wx29 target in Makefile to compile with wxWidgets 2.9

highlight 2.6-8


  • fixed highlighting issue with nested comments, if delimiters are distinct

  • fixed XML and CSS highlighting

  • fixed C escape sequence parsing of octal and hex sequences

  • language definition tag tag_delim was dropped

  • outdated file README_ES was dropped

  • gcc4.3 compilation support was added (patch by Jochen Schmitt)

  • font-family parameter is enclosed in apostrophes in HTML output

  • added --kw-case=capitalize option

  • added --enclose-pre option

  • added file README_LANGLIST

  • improved several language definitions

  • GUI: decreased window height

  • GUI: preview window is scrolled to last view position after a content update

  • GUI: windows saves and restores previous position and size

highlight 2.6-7


  • support for RTF background colour was added

  • regex() in language definitions expression allows optional definition of capturing group number

  • added --add-config-dir option to define config search path (suggested by Nathaniel Gray)

  • allowed invocation of makefile with CFLAGS and LDFLAGS as parameters (patch by Nathaniel Gray)

  • fixed OCaml definition (thanks to Nathaniel Gray)

  • fixed AutoIt definition

  • added case insensitive file suffix matching (thanks to Stefan Boumans)

  • GUI: added RTF mimetype to clipboard data (thanks to Stefan Boumans)

  • GUI: fixed preview update after tab width change (thanks to Stefan Boumans)

highlight 2.6-6


  • added Smalltalk definition and moe theme (thanks to Joerg Walter)

  • added support for diff and patch files

  • GUI: added clipboard button (suggested by Klaus Schueller and Stefan Boumans)

  • fixed Matlab definition (thanks to Andreas Boehler)

  • fixed print.style (thanks to Albert Neu)

  • fixed output of lines with CR/LF (bug of 2.6.5)

  • fixed php and css definitions

  • updated ActionScript definition (thanks to Samuel Toulouse)

  • updated sql definition (thanks to Stefan Boumans)

  • dropped dull theme

highlight 2.6-5


  • fixed compilation warning on 64 Bit OS (thanks to Uwe Sassenberg)

  • allowed embedded comments in Pascal definition (thanks to Helmut Giritzer)

  • fixed memory leak

  • improved performance

  • added serendipity plugin in examples/plugins

  • added support for diff (and patch) files (suggested by Dan Christensen)

  • adjusted SWIG makefiles and sample scripts

  • improved definitions of Bash, Ruby, Maya, Tcl, Agda and Haskell

highlight 2.6-4


  • fixed TeX and LaTeX output (space after strings were omitted, thanks to Andre Schade)

  • fixed Perl language definition (thanks to Jens Kadenbach)

  • fixed gui.cpp compilation with wxWigets unicode build (thanks to Dennis Veatch)

  • updated R language definition (thanks to Yihui Xie)

highlight 2.6-3


  • added --inline-css option to output CSS within each tag element

  • renamed previewgenerator.* files to html32generator.*

  • GUI: changed GUI configuration format (using wx config classes)

  • GUI: added inline CSS option

  • binaries are no longer stripped by default (src/makefile)

  • added notes to makefiles and INSTALL concerning static linking (thanks to Ken Poole)

  • improved MacOS X compatibility (thanks to Benjamin Kowarsch)

  • added ide-xcode theme (thanks to Benjamin Kowarsch)

  • README files were updated

  • updated plugin scripts to use the new --inline-css option

highlight 2.6-2


  • dropped deprecated option --format-style

  • added --html option for plausibility (HTML output is still default)

  • reassigned -H option to --html

  • added option --kw-case to output keywords in upper case or lower case if the language is not case sensitive

  • added option --mark-line to highlight several code lines in HTML output

  • added mark-line parameter to colour themes, renamed kw_group parameter to kw-group

  • added option --validate-input to test if input file is text (if the input is considered binary, no parsing takes place)

  • updated astyle code to release 1.21

  • improved PHP4 compatibility of the wordpress plugin (thanks to Thomas Keller)

  • added support for Open Object Rexx (oorexx.lang)

  • updated documentation

highlight 2.6-1


  • support of HTML colour notation in theme files (ie #12aa00)

  • fixed bad formatting of single line comment and directive substrings after line wrapping took place (multiline comments may still be screwed up)

  • enabled highlight -c stdout to print style definition to stdout

  • moved highlight/highlight subdir to highlight/src

  • removed examples/cgi

  • added examples/plugins

  • moved gui file directories ext and i18n to DATADIR/gui_files/

  • removed themes: berries-light, whatis

  • added themes: lucretia, orion

  • fixed SWIG interface files and scripts

  • fixed makefile and filetypes.conf (thanks to Axel Dyks)

  • improved ini.lang (thanks to Axel Dyks)

  • GUI: added Brazilian Portuguese translation (thanks to Yorick)

highlight 2.6-0


  • fixed bug with line number count starting at zero by default

  • modified makefile to support PREFIX and DESTDIR variables (patch by Jeremy Bopp)

highlight 2.5-6 beta


  • added new option --class-name (suggested by John Pye)

  • fixed XML output (thanks to Hilmar Bunjes)

  • updated README files

highlight 2.5-5 beta


  • renamed --line-number-width to --line-number-length

  • added new option --line-length

  • fixed compilation error with gcc 4.3 (thanks to Martin Michlmayr)

  • added script shebang recognition with stdin input (patch by Alan Briolat)

  • added support for Boo scripting language

  • fixed translated help texts

  • added *.p, *.i, *.w as Progress file suffixes (thanks to Mark Reeves)

highlight 2.5-4 beta


  • improved display quality of preview font (Courier New)

  • updated astyle to version 1.20.2

highlight 2.5-3 beta


  • fixed bug in GUI preview update

  • reduced GUI height

  • added support for Linden script (Second Life)

highlight 2.5-2 beta


  • added prefix and prefix_bin variables to makefile (suggested by Thomas Link)

  • removed LaTeX page dimension directives (suggested by Thomas Link)

  • improved several color themes

  • removed berries-dark, added seashell theme

highlight 2.5-1 beta


  • fixed GTK GUI language file encoding to UTF 8

  • improved Ruby language definition

  • added gui subsection in the RPM specfile

highlight 2.5-0 beta


  • added Miranda language definition (thanks to Peter Bartke)

  • added Powershell (Monad) language definition

  • fixed ignored conf_dir parameter in makefiles (thanks to Bob Smith)

  • included source files and additional make rules to compile a wxWidgets GUI (binary: highlight-gui; make all-gui; needs wxWidgets 2.6+)

highlight 2.4-8


  • added xterm 256 color output (-M, --xterm256) (thanks to Wolfgang Frisch)

  • prints warning if output format ignores the theme background colour

  • fixed Java and Python language definitions

  • revised README files

highlight 2.4-7


  • fixed segfault in symbol parsing procedure (thanks to Veit Wedtstein)

  • updated Lua and Lisp definitions

  • added AutoIt, NSIS, Graphviz and Qore definitions

  • updated SWIG sample scripts

highlight 2.4-6


  • fixed segfault when outputting ANSI (thanks to Philip Jenvey)

highlight 2.4-5


  • fixed bug which caused segfault on x86_64 (thanks to Eric Hopper)

  • fixed wrong enumeration start when outputting text w/o highlighting (thanks to Russell Yanofsky)

  • added anchor-prefix option (suggested by Peter Biechele)

  • added anchor-filename option (suggested by Mazy)

  • added $description entry to language file format

  • added D language file

  • updated regex classes to version 1.05.02

highlight 2.4-4


  • added print-config option

  • added scilab definition (thanks to Gunnar Lindholm)

  • dropped support for XSL-FO (use XML instead for further processing)

  • dropped deprecated options (css-infile, css-outfile, include-css)

  • fixed line numbering (starting at 1, printed if syntax option is txt) (thanks to Russell Yanofsky)

  • renamed extensions.conf to filetypes.conf

  • moved content of scriptre.conf into filetypes.conf

  • renamed option help-int to help-lang

  • renamed option format-style to reformat

  • updated regex classes to version 1.04

  • code cleanup

  • updated documentation

highlight 2.4-3


  • added RTF page-size option (suggested by David Strip)

  • fixed bug in RTF output, which prevented italic and bold output (patch by Jeremy Weinberger)

  • renamed colour theme parameter KW_CLASS to KW_GROUP

highlight 2.4-2


  • added line-number-start switch (suggested by Roie Black)

  • added babel switch to make output compatible with LaTeX Babel package (disables Babel shorthands)

  • fixed ampl.lang (thanks to David Strip)

  • fixed error message if language definition is unknown

  • added Nemerle definition (n.lang)

  • added SAS definition (thanks to Alexandre Detiste)

  • added TTCN3 definition (thanks to Peter Biechele)

  • added tcsh.lang (thanks to Igor Furlan)

  • Unix package: moved *.conf to /etc/highlight/ (suggested by Jochen Schmitt)

highlight 2.4-1


  • dropped include-pkg option

  • added CSS style for list items (--ordered-list)

  • fixed default number regex

  • fixed VHDL event recognition

  • added missing KWD keyword style to several colour themes

  • added $STRING_UNEQUAL parameter for language definitions

  • added string CodeGenerator::generateString(const string &)

  • improved Ruby and Octave highlighting

  • added SWIG interface in examples/swig

  • removed examples/python-binding

  • removed themes: neon2 fluke greyish ide-jbuilder4 ide-jcreator2 ide-synedit neon2 rand02 ron whitenblue website

highlight 2.3-6 beta


  • fixed crash in language definition loader

  • saved helpmsg/cs.help as iso-8859-2

  • added include-pkg option to define a list of LaTeX packages which should be included

  • fixed output of UTF-8 characters (replaced isspace by iswspace)

highlight 2.3-5 beta


  • fixed LaTeX and TeX output

  • added support for UTF-8 LaTeX output (suggested by Sungmin Cho)

  • dropped automatic conversion of ASCII characters > 127, package latin1 is included instead

highlight 2.3-4 beta


  • added font and fontsize options (submitted by Yves Bailly)

  • added line-number-width (suggested by Yves Bailly)

  • code cleanup

highlight 2.3-3 beta


  • added kwd keyword class to most of the colour themes

  • added regular expressions to some language definitions

highlight 2.3-2 beta


  • improved number regex

  • added --ordered-list option (suggested by Dominic Lchinger)

  • fixed tag parsing (broken in 2.3-1)

  • updated docs

  • added Brazilian help text (thanks to Adao Raul)

  • added Czech help text

highlight 2.3-1 beta


  • added support for regular expressions in language definitions

highlight 2.2-10


  • added support for PowerPC Assembler (thanks to Juergen Frank)

  • added support for AppleScript (thanks to Andreas Amann)

  • added encoding option to set proper output encoding type in XML and HTML output formats (default encoding: ISO-8895-1) Note: encoding name has to match input file encoding

  • style definitions are generated if only --fragment and --style-outpath options are set

  • added simple recognition of scripts without file extension (Bash, Perl, AWK, Python)

  • added config file scriptre.conf to configure script recognition

  • moved langDefs/extensions.conf to package base directory

  • added --force option to generate output if language type is unknown

  • fixed parsing of escape sequences outside of strings in Perl (last six points suggested by Andreas Amann)

  • fixed output of CR line terminators

  • added classes pre.hl and body.hl in CSS definitions

highlight 2.2-9


  • fixed --output option

  • fixed line number indentation in TeX and LaTeX output

  • fixed compilation error for Darwin (OSX) (thanks to Plumber)

  • fixed LaTeX compilation warnings (thanks to Tyranix)

  • fixed xml default file suffix

  • closing style tags are no longer printed in the following output line (suggested by Yves Bailly)

  • fixed rb.lang (Ruby is case sensitive)

  • external style definitions and inclusion of user defined styles were added to LaTeX and TeX output

  • installation directory configuration is improved in the makefiles (all suggested by Thomas Link)

  • new options: style-outfile, style-infile, include-style

  • deprecated options: css-outfile, css-infile, include-css

highlight 2.2-8


  • added XML output (suggested by Matteo Bertini)

  • added support for MS SQL (thanks to Magnus ?erg)

  • added support for Pyrex (thanks to Matteo Bertini)

  • added support for Hecl, Luban and Qu

highlight 2.2-7


  • fixed compilation error on AMD64/gcc4.0 (thanks to Andreas Jochens)

  • fixed tab replacement (thanks to Adrian Bader)

  • fixed parsing of keywords with special characters as prefix ($ALLOWEDCHARS) (thanks to Magnus ?erg)

  • single spaces in (La)TeX are no longer preceded by backslash

highlight 2.2-6


  • fixed compilation error with getopt and Solaris 5.8 (thanks to Philippe Cornu and Jean-Emmanuel Reynaud)

  • enabled css-infile option when include-css is set

  • improved IO and Perl language definitions

  • updated dirstram classes to release 0.4

  • W32 port: fixed installation path determination

highlight 2.2-5


  • fixed some compiler warnings in various Debian builds (thanks to Ayman Negm)

  • fixed indentation error in LaTeX output and output of "--" in bold font (thanks to Michael Suess)

  • added background colour attribute of body element to the CSS output to improve compatibility with old browsers (NS Communicator 4.8) (thanks to Wojciech Stryjewski)

  • in CSS output, user defined CSS definitions are now included after highlight style definitions to make modifications easier

  • highlight returns EXIT_FAILURE after every IO failure

  • updated Spanish manual and help message (thanks to David Villa)

highlight 2.2-4


  • changed ANSI output colours to vim style (suggested by David Villa)

  • added new acid indentation scheme and acid colour theme (thanks to Alexandre "AciD" Bonneau)

  • highlight returns 1 (EXIT_FAILURE) if file operations failed (suggested by David Villa)

  • fixed bug in LaTeX output: [ and * characters after a linebreak (\\) caused latex compilation to stop (thanks to Christian Schilling)

  • improved error reports

highlight 2.2-3


  • applied patch to suppress compiler warnings on several platforms (thanks to weasel@debian.org)

  • renamed the /utils directory to /examples, which moved to /usr/share/doc/highlight/ (suggested by Ayman Negm)

  • if --output is defined and output format is (X)HTML, the CSS file is stored in the directory given by --output (suggested by Vicky Brown)

  • added spanish translations: README_ES and es.help (thanks to David Villa)

  • added support for SNMPv1 and SNMPv2 files: mib.lang (thanks to Roman Surma)

  • fixed highlighting of escape sequences in Pascal (thanks to Grzegorz Tworek)

  • added Pascal multi line comment delimiters: (*, *)

  • added a third keyword style (kwc) to all themes

  • added a third keyword group: ada.lang, gawk.lang, c.lang, java.lang, pas.lang

  • fixed some language definition with old $keyword entries

highlight 2.2-2


  • removed $STRINGDELIMITERPAIR parameter

  • internal changes

highlight 2.2-1


  • added content-type (iso-8859-1) to HTML output

  • added possibility to define custom keyword groups (suggested by Daniel Bonniot)

  • reformatting and indentation schemes are customizable, config files are located in /indentSchemes (suggested by Petri Heiramo)

  • added new output format: ANSI terminal sequences (--ansi) (suggested by David Villa) assigned -A to --ansi, -g to --fop-compatible

  • added $SL-COMMENT parameter to colour themes (enables separate highlighting of single and multi line comments)

  • added option to fill linenumbers with zeroes

  • improved quality of colour themes

  • changed names of following command line options: deletetabs → replace-tabs listthemes → list-themes listlangs → list-langs includecss → include-css printindex → print-index

  • dropped support for C# member attributes (was a nasty workaround)

  • dropped support for Forth

  • removed unnecessary --batch (-b) option

  • removed utils/cgi/perl/README_CGI

  • fixed raw string highlighting bug: r"""\n""" in Python is parsed correctly

  • fixed some old parameters in language definitions

  • added source directory names to generated index file (-C)

highlight 2.0-25


  • fixed quote replacement in LaTeX (\dq → \dq{}) (thanks to Adrian Bader)

  • fixed crash if $HOME is not defined (thanks to Kostas Maistelis)

  • added compile flag CONFIG_FILE_PATH to define a custom path to the config file

  • added local copy of getopt, which is compiled if the system does not provide it (removed win32cmdline.*)

  • fixed VHDL event parsing

  • removed some poor quality colour themes and improved some others

  • added ide-eclipse style

highlight 2.0-24


  • improved VHDL support (thanks to Aaron D. Marasco)

  • added Coldfusion MX definition (thanks to Paul Connell)

  • added $REFORMATTING option to language definitions

  • added a Python binding in utils/python-binding

  • some code clean up

highlight 2.0-23


  • fixed ABAP definition (thanks to Kevin Barter)

  • fixed Python definition

  • fixed parsing of methods applied to numerical literals (possible in Ruby)

  • fixed indentation of line numbers in LaTeX (thanks to Michael Berndt)

  • reduced LaTeX output file size

  • improved layout of LaTeX document

  • applied some patches to Artistic Style code (see astyle.sourceforge.net)

  • added updated phpwiki-plugin utils/cgi/php/SyntaxHighlighter.php (thanks to Reini Urban)

highlight 2.0-22


  • improved Fortran 77 parsing (thanks to Geraldo Veiga), moved parsing information to f77.lang and f90.lang

  • added highlighting of float literals like .5

  • added new language definitions: ABAP/4, ARM, Bison, Dylan, FAME,Informix, Lisp, Octave, R, Scala, Snobol, Verilog

  • removed -d option

  • added -P option to display a progress bar in batch mode

highlight 2.0-21


  • added option (-r) to replace " by \dq in LaTeX (thanks to Nikolai Mikuszeit)

  • added option (-E) to define another search path, where language definitions and themes may be stored (suggested by a Debian package tester)

  • fixed bug which disabled HTML anchors (thanks to Richard Beauchamp)

  • fixed wrong current working directory detection in W32 code (thanks to Ian Oliver)

  • improved fragmented TeX output

  • fixed man page

  • changed path of config file to ~/.highlightrc (Unix)

  • added options to config file

  • changed parameter prefix from "/" to the more convenient "$" in configuration files

  • changed "typesmods" parameter in language definitions to "types"

  • improved some colour themes

  • added $INCLUDE statement in language definitions to include content of other files

highlight 2.0-20


  • added new parser options: TYPEDELIMITERS and KEYWORDDELIMITERS to enable highlighting of variables like ${var}

  • changed RTF font to Courier New

  • added symbol highlighting (last two suggested by Anssi Lehtinen)

  • added new colour themes (darkblue, zellner, ron, peachpuff, pablo, nedit)

  • added a new directive to add a custom installation directory at compile time (CUSTOM_INSTALL_DIR in highlight/makefile)

  • added Doxygen documentation

  • updated spec.lang, sh.lang and make.lang

  • fixed some case insensitive language files

  • replaced make by ${MAKE} in makefile (suggested by Thomas Dettbarn)

  • removed utils/frontend (see homepage for highlight-gui package)

  • moved German help to README_DE

  • moved documentation files to /usr/share/doc/highlight (suggested by Ayman Negm)

highlight 2.0-19


  • improved whitespace indentation in TeX and LaTeX

  • fixed output of +, -, =, <, > in TeX

  • fixed output of blank lines in TeX (all suggested by Milan Straka)

  • updated Java language definition to 1.5

  • added support for BibTex, Erlang, Icon, Lisp, Lotos, Maple, Objectice C, Prolog, PostScript and RPM Spec

highlight 2.0-18


  • changed hskip unit in LaTeX output vom mm to em

  • fixed different font width of spaces in TeX output (thanks to Milan Straka)

  • added macros in TeX output to reduce file size

  • fixed bug which made first line number disappear (introduced in 2.0-17)

  • declared XSL-FO output as experimental, added a switch to provide modified output for both Apache FOP and xmlto/xsltproc

highlight 2.0-17


  • enabled multiple input file names and real batch processing wildcards

  • improved debugging output

  • added new PHP Wiki plugin (thanks to Alec Thomas)

  • fixed newlines at the beginning and the ending of HTML output

  • fixed Java and Nice language definitions (thanks to Daniel Bonniot)

  • general cleanup (code, makefiles, docs)

highlight 2.0-16


  • added new options to wrap long lines (suggested by Johannes Wei�)

  • added new colour themes: vim, vim-dark and ide-codewarrior

  • improved Java, Nice and C parsing

highlight 2.0-15


  • improved XSL-FO output (thanks to Daniel Bonniot)

  • reduced LaTeX output file size

highlight 2.0-14


  • added XSL-FO output format (suggested by Daniel Bonniot)

  • fixed segfault when theme file was not found

  • improved makefiles

  • ported code to Solaris (thanks to Ade Fewings)

highlight 2.0-13


  • fixed parsing of XML comments

  • fixed conversion of umlauts and accents

  • improved parsing of numbers (suffixes like 30L, 4.5f; exponents)

  • '@' in HTML output is replaced by HTML entity to confuse spam robots

  • fixed Avenue, Perl, Progress and Clipper language definitions

  • added support for Action Script, Objective Caml, Standard ML, Felix, Frink, IO, Nasal, MaxScript, Oberon, Object Script

  • replaced AutoConf build process by customizable makefile (suggested by John Skaller)

highlight 2.0-12


  • fixed parsing of subtractions (i.e: varName-1)

  • added support for SuperX++ (thanks to Kimanzi Mati)

  • added Relax NG Compact language definition (thanks to Christian Siefkes)

highlight 2.0-11


  • fixed LaTeX and Squirrel language definitions (thanks to Stephan Bhme and Alberto Dechemelis)

  • fixed number parsing (allow 'a'-'f' in Hex numbers only)

  • replaced double quotes by single quotes in fragmented LaTeX output

  • added a new subdirectory "utils/", moved "cgi/" there

  • added a new Python Qt-Frontend

  • added a PHP module (thanks to Philip Van Hoof)

  • added Nice language definition

highlight 2.0-10


  • changed LaTeX font settings to \tt and \it

  • improved fragmented LaTeX output

  • fixed LaTeX language definition

  • fixed multi line compiler directive parsing with strings

  • added new Squirrel ans JSP language definitions

highlight 2.0-9


  • trailing whitespace from input is ignored

  • modified LaTeX fragmented output to simplify inclusion of code in existing documents

  • added support for multiple line compiler directives

  • added new THE style (thanks to Mark Hessling)

highlight 2.0-8 Hot Summer Build


  • fixed bug which prevented highlighting of escape characters within strings which start a new line

  • fixed XHTML line anchors attribute to "id"

  • added background colour support for plain TeX

  • improved recognition of strings with different open/close delimiters

  • added a reasonable 4th support

  • internal changes to improve speed

  • changed XHTML encoding from utf-8 to iso-8859-1 and xhtml version to 1.1

  • removed comment in XHTML header to enable highlighting when style definition is included in output

  • added recognition of hex, octal and unicode escape sequences (\123, \xff)

  • improved Python and Tcl support

highlight 2.0-7


  • fixed parsing of C# simplified strings (thanks to Cerda)

  • added support for C# member attributes (thanks to Gauthier)

  • added --listlangs option (suggested by Mark Hessling)

  • improved plausibility of --outdir option (thanks to Otto Barnes II)

highlight 2.0-6


  • fixed bug in HTML and XHTML output, which caused insertion of too many "</span>" tags (thanks to Mark Hessling)

highlight 2.0-5


  • improved LaTeX, TeX and RTF colour output

  • fixed TeX output formatting errors

  • fixed LaTeX line number output (thanks to Johannes Nolte)

  • improved code portability (thanks to Gauthier)

  • added french help (thanks to Gauthier)

highlight 2.0-4


  • improved Ada 95 output (thanks to Frank Piron)

  • added HTML index file option

  • simplified API

  • added some language definitions

highlight 2.0-2


  • fixed bug causing lowercase output of case insensitive languages (thanks to David and Mark Hessling)

  • added new Matlab colour theme (thanks to David)

  • improved Rexx language definition (thanks to Mark Hessling)

  • added plain text language definition

highlight 2.0


  • fixed memory leak in DataDir::searchDataDir()

  • fixed configuration file parsing

  • added data-dir option

  • added batch-recursive option

  • changed CmdLineoptions.cpp to compile under Windows

highlight 2.0b-9


  • improved integer literal and C++ multiline comment parsing (both suggested by Benjamin Kaufmann)

  • improved directive line parsing

highlight 2.0b-8


  • added Pike language definition (thanks to Olivier Girondel)

  • added support for Forth (suggested by Hans Bezemer)

  • fixed bugs in language definition loader method

  • fixed segfault

highlight 2.0b-7


  • added Artistic Style indentation and reformatting

highlight 2.0b-6


  • fixed fortran code parsing ( thanks to Henning Weber)

  • improved performance

highlight 2.0b-5

  • fixed theme files which had DOS line terminators

  • presets reader method was fixed

  • changed RTF output to Courier and 20 pt font size

  • help screen fixed

highlight 2.0b-4


  • added css-infile and css-outfile options to make generation of customizable css definitions clearer (suggested by Markus Werle)

  • fixed bug reading fontsize parameter of themes

highlight 2.0b-3


  • improved RTF output

highlight 2.0b-2


  • improved RTF output (added bold/italics/underline attributes)

  • improved TeX output (added theme colors [thanks to Markus Henning for TeX-URL], bold and italics)

  • added a description how to use the highlight parser in own applications

highlight 2.0b


  • memory leak was fixed

  • the parser was rewritten to add more flexibility and stability

  • added ability to highlight code with tags (XML, HTML…​)

  • added ability to highlight strings with prefixes (variableprefix, keywordprefix)

  • different source file extensions are stored in a configuration file (extensions.conf)

  • configuration reader was modified to allow storing parameter values in multiple lines

  • added some more language definitions

highlight 1.3.4-2


  • added option to disable directive line bug

  • added ability to search *.style and *.lang files in different directories, which may be set as prefix option of ./configure (suggested by Jose Santiago)

highlight 1.3.4


  • fixed LaTeX output regarding escape characters outside of strings

  • fixed unmasked escape characters (both bugs reported by Peter Albert)

  • added \ttfamily to LaTeX header (suggested by Peter Albert)

  • rpm-spec file allows relocatable builds (thanks to Dwight Engen)

  • added "CPP" to recognised source file suffixes (suggested by Maniac)

  • replaced verb-|- by \textbar

  • fixed php.lang and py.lang

highlight 1.3.3


  • fixed Asm.lang (lower case of keywords/types)

  • added option to specify target directory of the output files

  • fixed bug in LateX/RTF/TeX output; last opened tag being closed now

  • improved LaTeX output

  • added ability to read presets from the configuration file $HOME/.highlight.conf

  • added simple cgi script (Perl)

highlight 1.3.2-2


  • fixed LaTeX output of | and ~ characters (thanks to Martin Idelberger)

highlight 1.3.2


  • fixed buffer overflow problem (thanks to Christian Perle)

  • added Rexx, Modula3, Agda, Haskell language definition

  • added (G)AWK language definition (thanks to Andreas Schoenberg)

  • added Bold and Italic font support, and background colour to LaTeX output

  • highlight compiles without warnings with gcc 3.2

highlight 1.3.1-2


  • applied gcc 3.2 patch (thanks to Georg Young)

highlight 1.3.1


  • fixed bug which disabled batch mode

  • added POV Ray Definition (thanks to Christian Perle)

  • added emacs and kwrite style

highlight 1.3 (beta)


  • applied Ruby definition file patch (thanks to Jonas Fonseca)

  • introduced style definition files

  • added background colour to style definitions

  • added line anchors in HTML output

highlight 1.2.1


  • applied patch to make highlight compile with gcc 3.x (thanks to Marc Duponcheel)

  • fixed LaTeX output of "^" and /hskip (thanks to Dan Muller)

  • fixed TeX output

highlight 1.2


  • fixed bug which caused wrong output file suffixes in batch mode

  • fixed (X)HTML output of french characters

  • added frech character output (accent graphe, acute) to rtf, TeX and LaTeX output

  • ability to recognize keywords with "-"

  • added new language definitions (Ruby, COBOL, Fortran)

highlight 1.1


  • TeX output

  • fixed documentation regarding LaTeX / TeX output (Thanks to Keith Briggs)

  • fixed bug which caused single line comments left unmasked

  • french letters like ? ?are masked

highlight 1.0 <stable>


  • reduced tex output file size

  • Perl and Visual Basic definition file

  • fixed error in help msg (Thanks to Jan van Haarst)

highlight 0.1


  • RTF and La(Tex) output

  • Lua definition file

  • header and footer part of output file may be omitted

  • changed path of language definitions to /usr/share/highlight

src2css 0.2


  • batch mode, converting all files matching a given wildcard

  • XHTML output

  • Python definition file

src2css 0.1


  • initial release