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    1 Developer/Maintainer:
    2 André Simon <a dot simon at mailbox dot org>
    4 Developer of the Diluculum Lua Wrapper:
    5 Leandro Motta Barros
    7 Developer of the Artistic Style lib:
    8 Tal Davidson <davidsont at bigfoot com>
    9 Jim Pattee <jimp03 at email com>
   11 Developer of xterm 256 colour best matching functions:
   12 Wolfgang Frisch <wf at frexx de>
   14 Developer of the argparser class:
   15 Antonio Diaz Diaz
   17 Language definitions:
   19 Christian Perle (Povray)
   20 Andreas Schoenberg (AWK)
   21 Olivier Girondel (Pike)
   22 Christian Siefkes (NG Relax Compact)
   23 Paul Connell (Coldfusion MX)
   24 Peter Bartke (Miranda)
   25 Joerg Walter (Smalltalk)
   26 Pierre Larochelle (Arc, Clojure)
   27 Roberto Mendoza (IDL)
   28 Paulo Moura (Logtalk)
   29 Sandro Bilbeisi (Biferno)
   30 Frank Seidinger (RPL)
   31 Viraj Sinha (UPC)
   32 A. Aniruddha (GDB, Yang)
   33 Roland Hieber (PDF)
   34 Conrad Steenberg (Crack)
   35 Victor Ananjevsky (conf.lang)
   36 Raphael Droz (Ansible YAML)
   37 Lydia Duncan (Chapel)
   38 Max Christian Pohle (VIMScript)
   39 Jess Austin (Coffeescript)
   40 Tristano Ajmone (PureBasic, GDScript, FASM, PolyGen, EBNF2, Alan IF)
   41 Benjamin Kowarsch (Modula2)
   42 Mate Ory (EBNF)
   43 Julien Fontanet (BNF)
   45 Colour themes:
   47 David (matlab)
   48 Mark Hessling (THE)
   49 Alexandre Bonneau (Acid)
   50 Sunrise Telephone Systems Ltd. (ide-xcode)
   51 Joerg Walter (moe)
   52 Roger Sperberg (andes, oxygenated)
   53 Tristano Ajmone (edit-godot, edit-fasm)
   54 Andrei Rosca (edit-flashdevelop)
   56 Patches:
   58 Marc Duponcheel (gcc 3.x compatibility)
   59 Jonas Fonseca (Ruby language definition)
   60 Georg Young (gcc 3.x compatibility)
   61 weasel@debian.org (suppress compile warnings of Debian package)
   62 Jeremy Weinberger (RTF bugfix)
   63 Alan Briolat (shebang recognition with stdin stream)
   64 Jeremy Bopp (makefile prefix/destdir variables)
   65 Antonio Diaz Diaz (argparser replacement for getopt_long)
   66 Samuli Suominen (various makefile bugfixes)
   67 Detlef Reichelt (gcc 4.3 compatibility)
   68 Jochen Schmitt (gcc 4.4 compatibility)
   69 Nathaniel Gray (makefile bugfix)
   70 David Bremner (makefiles and SWIG scripts)
   71 Georgios M. Zarkadas (fixed file suffix recognition)
   72 MENG Wei (fixed memory leak in astyle's ASFormatter)
   73 Yimin Li (fontenc package in LaTeX output)
   74 Michael Enßlin (--wrap-no-numbers option)
   75 G. Wijaya (SWIG PHP binding)
   76 Troy Sankey (Javascript regex)
   77 Andrew Fuller (xterm256 bold and italic attributes)
   78 Dominik Schmidt (Pango markup)
   79 Ingo Krabbe (cweb LaTeX output)
   80 Victor Ananjevsky (various)
   81 Andrew Fuller (xterm256 font attributes)
   82 Dominik Schmidt (Pango markup)
   83 Troy Sankey (JS regex)