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    1 # SciTE.properties is the per directory local options file and can be used to
    2 # override settings made in SciTEGlobal.properties, SciTEUser.properties and
    3 # SciTEDirectory.properties.
    4 command.build.directory.*.cxx=..\win32
    5 command.build.directory.*.h=..\win32
    6 command.build.*.cxx=nmake -f scite.mak DEBUG=1 QUIET=1
    7 command.build.*.h=nmake -f scite.mak DEBUG=1 QUIET=1
    8 command.go.*.cxx=..\bin\SciTE
    9 command.go.*.h=..\bin\SciTE
   10 command.go.needs.*.cxx=cmd /c cd ..\win32 && nmake -f scite.mak DEBUG=1 QUIET=1