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    1 README_bindos.txt for version 9.0 of Vim: Vi IMproved.
    3 See "README.txt" for general information about Vim.
    4 See "README_dos.txt" for installation instructions for MS-DOS and MS-Windows.
    5 These files are in the runtime archive (vim90rt.zip).
    8 There are several binary distributions of Vim for the PC.  You would normally
    9 pick only one of them, but it's also possible to install several.
   10 These ones are available (the version number may differ):
   11 	vim90w32.zip	Windows 95/98/NT/etc. console version
   12 	gvim90.zip	Windows 95/98/NT/etc. GUI version
   13 	gvim90ole.zip	Windows 95/98/NT/etc. GUI version with OLE
   15 You MUST also get the runtime archive (vim90rt.zip).
   16 The sources are also available (vim90src.zip).