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    3 Contents of the "windll/csharp" sub-archive
    5 This directory contains Visual C Sharp (C#) sample project for
    6 using the unzip32.dll library.  This project was generously donated
    7 by Adrian Maull.  The Zip source archive contains a corresponding
    8 project for using the zip32.dll library.
   10 These sample projects are distributed as part of the Info-ZIP distribution
   11 under the Info-ZIP license.
   13 Note that the files may be saved in "UNIX LF" format with carriage returns
   14 stripped.  These may need to be restored before the project can be successfully
   15 used.
   17 The project is based on .NET Framework 1.1.  It was contributed
   18 to the Info-Zip project April 2005.  If you have questions or comments,
   19 contact us at www.Info-ZIP.org or for specific questions about these
   20 projects contact Adrian Maull directly at adrian.maull@sprintpcs.com.
   22 See UnZip.cs for more detailed information about the project.  Currently
   23 the sample project has some bugs as noted in the above file.
   25 The original code has been adapted to the modified WinDLL interface of
   26 UnZip 6, using Visual C# 2005 (.Net Framework 2.0) and a unzip32.dll compiled
   27 by Visual C++ 6.0.  The provided project file is still in the format for
   28 Visual Studio 7.1 (VS .Net 2003, .Net 1.1).  But the code of the project
   29 can be used with newer Visual Studio versions (2005 = 8.0 or 2008 = 9.0);
   30 only the project file gets (irreversibly) converted to the newer Visual
   31 Studio format when first opened.
   33 However, this project is not tested throughoutly by us at this time.
   35 Note on using Visual Studio C# 2005, 2008 (or newer?):
   36 The UnZip maintainer was unsuccessful to run the C# sample code using
   37 Visual Studio 2005 or 2008 together with an unzip32.dll compiled with
   38 the same Visual Studio version in default configuration (unzip32.dll linked
   39 against the DLL version of the C runtime library).  The C# program failed
   40 to load the unzip32.dll because of an "OS loader lock" conflict. This conflict
   41 should only show up when loading "mixed mode" dll that contain both managed
   42 and unmanaged code.  So, it cannot be caused by the "pure native code"
   43 unzip32.dll directly, which contains nothing dangerous in its DLLMain()
   44 function.  It seems to be caused by the new "side-by-side" C runtime dlls
   45 (msvcr80.dll or msvcr90.dll being loaded multiple times by a .NET application
   46 that uses msvcr??-linked native dlls).
   47 To fix this issue, one of the following work-arounds could be used:
   48 a) use an unzip32.dll that was linked against the system msvcrt.dll (the
   49    "old" MSVC 6.0 runtime) that is a core system component of all Windows
   50    versions from Windows 98/Windows ME and Windows 2000 and newer (at least
   51    up to Windows Vista/Windows Server 2008),
   52 or
   53 b) use a statically linked variant of unzip32.dll (see the option DLLSTANDALONE
   54    in the MSC Makefile for Win32 executables, "win32/Makefile").
   56 Ed Gordon, Christian Spieler
   57 2009/01/17