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    1 Contents-DLL.txt                                        26 April 2009
    2 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------
    4 Contents of the UnZip 6.0 DLL distribution archive for Win32 (Intel):
    6     README                      general information
    7     LICENSE                     terms and conditions for using Info-Zip code
    8     COPYING.OLD                 additional Copyright notes
    9     WHERE                       where to get the current Info-ZIP software
   10     Contents-DLL.txt            this file ...
   11     windll.txt                  documentation of the UnZip WinDLL port
   12     ziplimit.txt                infos about limitations of Info-Zip's progs
   13     uzexampl.c                  simple text-mode example for using unzip32.dll
   14     uzexampl.h                  header file for example code
   15     csharp/ReadMeCS.txt         info on .NET 1.1 C# example calling unzip32.dll
   16     csharp/...                  simple .NET 1.1 C# sample frontend showing how
   17     csharp/...                   to call unzip32.dll from .Net managed code
   18     vb/VBReadMe.txt             infos on calling unzip32.dll from Visual Basic
   19     vb/vbunzip.bas              simple VB 5/VB 6 example on how to call
   20     vb/vbunzip.frm                unzip32.dll from Visual Basic
   21     vb/vbunzip.vbp                ...
   22     unzip.h                     C header files, defining the calling interface
   23     unzvers.h                     of unzip32.dll
   24     decs.h                        ...
   25     structs.h                     ...
   26     unzip32.dll                 DLL binary linked against msvcrt.dll
   27     unzip32.lib                 import library for unzip32 functions
   28     unzip32static.dll           standalone DLL, linked against MT C runtime lib
   29     uzexampl.exe                binary of text-mode example prog
   30     VBunzip.exe                 binary of VB example (compiled by VB6)
   31     CSharpInfoZip_UnZipSample.exe
   32                                 binary of C# example (compiled by VC# 2005
   33                                 Express, requires .NET runtime 2.0)
   35 Most binaries were created using Microsoft Visual Studio 6.0 SP6. The DLLs
   36 were built using win32/Makefile with the option USEASM (is default) defined.
   37 The statically linked "standalone" DLL was built with MS Visual C++ Express
   38 2005 (VC 8.0), the newest Microsoft compiler fully supported by UnZip 6.0.
   40 Please read csharp/ReadMeCS.txt for additional infos on using the UnZip DLL
   41 together with managed .NET code.
   43 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------
   44 DLL distribution created by:
   45 Christian Spieler (UnZip maintance coordinator)