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CLOC ("Count Lines of Code") analysis of teraterm-4.106.zip (1 Jun 18:23, 9046281 Bytes)

About: Tera Term is a software terminal emulator (communication program) which supports for e.g. serial port and TCP/IP (telnet, SSH1, SSH2) connections, different emulations and UTF-8 character encoding.

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Sorry, the according CLOC analysis histograms couldn't be generated
since package "teraterm-4.106.zip" doesn't contain supported programming source code!

The corresponding CLOC output data:

      27 text files.
      26 unique files.                              
      27 files ignored.

github.com/AlDanial/cloc v 1.90  T=0.09 s (10.9 files/s, 683.6 lines/s)
Language          files     blank   comment      code    scale   3rd gen. equiv

A hint: This alternative CLOC analysis has tried to exclude third party and other code unsuited for a codespell analysis (e.g. files containing fonts, codepage or character set definitions, dictionaries, names, SVG or non-English languages). But there exists the "standard" CLOC analysis that has included all package contents files (with the exception of files generated by code-production systems such as GNU autotools).
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