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Password Safe 3.50 Release July 2019

This note describes the new features, fixed bugs and known problems with the latest versions of Password Safe. For a short description of Password Safe, please see the accompanying README.md file. For more information on the product and the project, please visit the PasswordSafe project site. Details about changes to older releases may be found in the file ChangeLog.txt.

Bug Reports, Feature Requests and Service Requests are in the PasswordSafe SourceForge Project tickets. Any beginning with 'G' are issues raised on PasswordSafe's GitHub project, where the current source can also be found.

Here are the notes for the latest version. Previous versions are described here. Information about older versions may be found here.

Bugs Fixed in V3.50

406 No longer flashes main window if user cancels opening screen.
1496 Easy-to-use password policies now enforces symbol constraint.
1494 Improve password policy checks and display.
1491 Workaround 4K monitor display problem.

New Features for V3.49.1

Installation of pwsafe-cli is now optional in Windows installer.

Bugs Fixed in V3.49.1

1490 Fixed -s switch (again).

New Features for V3.49.0

856 Setting the "Copy password to clipboard upon browse" implies copy password upon Run command.
First release of pwsafe-cli.exe, a command-line utility suitable for scripting.

Bugs Fixed in V3.49.0


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