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CLOC ("Count Lines of Code") analysis of nasm-2.12.02-win32.zip (6 Jul 22:46, 461499 Bytes)

About: NASM (Netwide Assembler) is an 80x86 and x86-64 assembler designed for portability and modularity. It supports a range of object file formats including Linux and \*BSD a.out, ELF, COFF, Mach-O, Microsoft 16-bit OBJ, Win32 and Win64. It supports all currently known x86 architectural extensions, and has strong support for macros. Windows binaries (32-bit).

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No. of package members: 13  (12 files + 1 other)

Sorry, the according CLOC analysis histograms couldn't be generated
since package "nasm-2.12.02-win32.zip" doesn't contain supported programming source code!

The corresponding CLOC output data: