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    1 PassMark ImageUSB V1.5
    2 Copyright (C) 2010-2019 PassMark Software
    3 All Rights Reserved
    4 https://www.passmark.com 
    7 Overview
    8 ========
    9 ImageUSB is a free utility which lets you write an image concurrently to
   10 multiple USB Flash Drives. Capable of creating exact bit-level copies of
   11 USB Flash Drive (UFDs), ImageUSB is an extremely effective tool for the mass
   12 duplication of UFDs. Unlike other USB duplication tools, ImageUSB can
   13 preserve all unused and slack space during the cloning process, including
   14 the Master Boot Record (MBR). ImageUSB can perform flawless mass duplications
   15 of all UFD images, including bootable UFDs. 
   17 The tool can also be used for computer forensics purposes. With the disk image
   18 file created by ImageUSB being compatible with the OSForensics software.
   20 Note: imageUSB is currently only able to handle images (.bin) files that were
   21 created by imageUSB.  
   23 Running this software to write an image file will destroy any data on any
   24 removable drive volume specified.
   26 To install imageUSB
   27 ===================
   28 Unzip the file .ZIP file, imageusb.zip.
   29 Copy the files to the Program Files directory (or any other folder).
   32 To uninstall imageUSB
   33 =====================
   34 Delete the files.
   37 Requirements
   38 ============
   39 - Operating System: Vista, Windows 7, 8, 10
   40 - RAM: 256 Meg 
   41 - Disk space: 3MB free hard disk space, plus any additional space required to store image file.
   43 Usage
   44 =====
   45 1) Before starting: If you need to keep the current content of your USB drive,
   46    back it up before you start. This process will overwrite the USB drive selected,
   47    so remove any other removable drives on the system to reduce the likelihood of mistakes.
   48 2) This program requires Adminstration Privileges..
   49 3) Follow the instructions on screen or in the Help documentation provided.
   50    Be very careful to select the correct drive letter!!!
   51    We don't want any more EMails about people accidentally overwriting their wedding photos.
   53 Version History
   54 ===============
   55 Here is a summary of all changes that have been made in each version of 
   56 imageUSB.
   58 Release 1.5.1001
   59 WIN32 release 20 Nov 2019
   60 -Fixed a bug where images created with V1.5.1000 had incorrect imageUSB header and was not being
   61  subsequently recognized by imageUSB. If using other imaging tools, specify an offset of 512 bytes
   62  to skip the header.
   64 Release 1.5.1000
   65 WIN32 release 25 Oct 2019
   66 -imageUSB will now extract the contents of the ISO image
   67 -EXPERIMENTAL - Software will try to detect if ISO image is bootable and if so write appropriate bootloader.
   68  As of release only booting through UEFI seems to be working. Tested with Windows 10 ISO, Linux (Porteus-5.0rc, Ubuntu-19.04 and Mint 19.2 ISO images).
   69  NOT ALL ISO IMAGES WILL WORK. This functionality is experimental and may be removed from software at any time.
   70 -Log moved into it's own Window to allow for larger visible USB Drive List.
   73 Release 1.4.1003
   74 WIN32 release 16 Apr 2019
   75 -Fixed bug where formmatting as NTFS may cause imageUSB to crash.
   76 -Fixed bug where formattting as FAT32 for smaller drive would fail.
   77 -Added imaging precheck for desintation freespace and allowed max file size for destination filesystem when creating image.
   79 Release 1.4.1002
   80 WIN32 release 19 Feb 2019
   81 -Fixed bug where failed BitLocker detection would mark drive as BitLocker enabled.
   83 Release 1.4.1001
   84 WIN32 release 11 Feb 2019
   85 -Fixed issue with failure with overwriting BitLocked drives. imageUSB will now use VDS to force format the BitLocked volume before proceeding with writing the image.
   86 -Fixed several possible crashes related to writing to log file.
   88 Release 1.4.1000
   89 WIN32 release 06 Nov 2018
   90 -Extend Partition will add a new partition to fill remaining space when writing image smaller than drive if extending is not an option. New Parition will be formatted using NTFS.
   91  If more than one drive is selected in the write imaging processing. Due to likely disk signature collusion, drives may be placed offline by Windows. As such Extend or Add Partition 
   92  may only work on first drive selected.
   93 -Fixed bug where the Cancel Button on the Yes/No/Cancel Dialog Prompt before Imaging doesn't do anything. Should Now correctly cancel operation.
   94 -Up total drive limit to 50 drives. All drives connected to computer (irregardless if they are USB drives) are counted toward this total. Note: We have never tested this many at once.
   95 -Switched debug logging to use g3log library.
   96 -Dropped support for Windows XP.
   98 Release 1.3.1006
   99 WIN32 release 13 Mar 2018
  100 -Fixed word wrapping issue in log after resizing window.
  101 -Should now run on WindowsXP SP3 again. Support for Windows XP may be dropped in the future.
  103 Release 1.3.1005
  104 WIN32 release 12 Mar 2018
  105 -Main Window is resizable vertically.
  106 -Fixed possible write failure bug when trying to reimage a drive that may have not have a mount point assigned (i.e. drive letter) to its volumes. imageUSB would fail to properly lock/unmount volume. As seen in MemTest86 on some Windows 10 machines.
  108 Release 1.3.1004
  109 WIN32 release 19 Oct 2017
  110 -Added FAT32 as a format option.
  111 -Fixed a bug with partition extension not operating correctly on NTFS partitions after imaging.
  113 Release 1.3.1003
  114 WIN32 release 31 Jul 2017
  115 -Fixed a bug causing imageUSB crash on encountering excessively long or badly formatted drive serial numbers.
  116 -Application taskbar will show current progress.
  117 -Added Drag and Drop. Allow user to drag file from Windows Explorer when imaging method is "Write Image".
  118 -Changed logtime from seconds elapsed to timestamp.
  119 -Added option to turn on Beep on Completion.
  121 Release 1.3.1002
  122 WIN32 release 16 Sep 2016
  123 -Fixed a bug causing imageUSB to incorrectly fail a verification by reading more bytes than available on the destination image/drive.
  124 -Fixed a bug on Windows XP where the GUI log would display an unknown character at the end of each line.
  126 Release 1.3.1001
  127 WIN32 release 26 Apr 2016
  128 -Fixed a bug causing imageUSB to incorrectly write the header block back to the disk when image is not of even 1 MB chunks.
  130 Release 1.3.1000
  131 WIN32 release 19 Apr 2016
  132 - ImageUSB now supports Physical Disks instead of only volumes assigned drive letters by Windows.
  133   This should allow disks previous not selectable to be imagable. (unformatted drives, Linux drives, etc..)
  134 - Various GUI changes:
  135    ListView changed to TreeView control. This changed is to allow showing of partition information for each drive.
  136    New flashing complete dialog to indicate imaging completion and success or failure.
  137    Running count of number of drives selected for imaging is now displayed.
  139 Release 1.2.1006
  140 WIN32 release 7 Oct 2015
  141 - Addressed issue where extending partition on some NTFS drive would fail if the USB drive (preimaged) was already partitioned as max sized.
  143 Release 1.2.1005
  144 WIN32 release 9 Sep 2015
  145 - Addressed issue where some drives have the same volume GUID and would cause imageUSB unable to determine disk number for the UFD.
  147 Release 1.2.1004
  148 WIN32 release 29 Jul 2015
  149 - Addressed issue during image creation where imageUSB will error out before finishing the image for certain drive.
  151 Release 1.2.1003
  152 WIN32 release 30 Mar 2015
  153 -Format will add an MBR at sector 0 and partition entry table will point to the partition that was formatted.
  154 -Updated Format progress bar to stop and reset when completed.
  156 Release 1.2.1002
  157 WIN32 release 24 Mar 2015
  158 -Updated and added various Text/Strings to be more relevant to the action being performed. 
  159 -Added speed in status. Speed is typically govern by the slowest IO (e.g. write). Speed displayed is the
  160  average for the entire process.
  161 -Increased visible GUI log size
  163 Release 1.2.1001
  164 WIN32 release 23 Mar 2015
  165 -Fixed crash when creating Image with Post Image Verification enabled.
  167 Release 1.2.1000
  168 WIN32 release 20 Mar 2015
  169 -Fixed issue when Zeroing GPT formatted drives. Will not correctly zero MBR and Primary GPT and Secondary GPT.
  170 -New Zero behavior. Zeroing will wipe entire drive (write 0x00 to the whole drive).
  171 -Added option to extend partition when writing image. Only supported for single partition images with NTFS filesystem.
  172 -Reformat option will Zero the drive (boot sector only) and reclaim any disk space and format the volume with NTFS filesystem. Requires Vista or later.
  174 Release 1.1.1015
  175 WIN32 release 26 Jun 2014
  176 -Fixed issue when Zeroing GPT formatted drives. Will not correctly zero MBR and Primary GPT and Secondary GPT.
  178 Release 1.1.1014
  179 WIN32 release 16 Dec 2013
  180 -Option to Zero the Master Boot Record. This will allow Windows to see the full size of the drive after reinserting. Windows should
  181  automatically prompt to format unrecognized drive.
  182 -New warning message if you try to write an image located on any of the drives selected as destination drives.
  184 Release 1.1.1013
  185 WIN32 release 16 Oct 2013
  186 -Verify Bug Fix
  187 -In DebugMode, when verifying option is checked and when image is a valid imageUSB .bin file, the checksum will be calculated on 
  188  the actual image as well. Drive checksum comparison will still be against checksum stored in header.
  190 Release 1.1.1012
  191 WIN32 release 16 Oct 2013
  192 - Write verification is now supported for images not created with imageUSB. A checksum will be calculated for the image and then compared to the image written on the UFD.
  193 - Enabled UFD list while imageUSB is writing/creating images. Should allow you to scroll the list to see progress of all UFD when more than 4 drives are used.
  194 - Source code clean up
  196 Release 1.1.1011
  197 WIN32 release 18 March 2013
  198 - Added ability to select '.img' files.
  200 Release 1.1.1010
  201 WIN32 release 22 October 2012
  202 -Fixed a program crash when reading fake USB drives. It seems that some USB flash drives are tricking the Windows API to incorrectly recognizing the end of the drive.
  204 Release 1.1.1009
  205 WIN32 release 9 July 2012
  206 -Allows writing images larger than destination drives. End of the image will be truncated and not be written to the drive.
  208 Release 1.1.1008
  209 WIN32 release 19 January 2012
  210 -Added a delay on retry for failed write attempts. Will wait 1 sec before retry.
  211 -Address an issue where writing image would sometimes fail with Error 5: Access is Denied.
  213 Release 1.1.1007
  214 WIN32 release 16 November 2011
  215 -Fixed some erroneous debug logging messages.
  216 -Tweaked verification settings, should report which offset verification failed at.
  217 -For Writing to flash drive, upon write failure, imageUSB will retry up to 3 times to rewrite to the failed location.
  219 Release 1.1.1006
  220 WIN32 release 6 October 2011
  221 -Improved debug logging. 
  223 Release 1.1.1005
  224 WIN32 release 6 July 2011
  225 - Added the ability to write .ISO to USB drives. The drive must be bigger than the iso and the drive size will
  226   be truncated to the size of the iso. To recover lost storage, use Window's Disk Management tool.
  228 Release 1.1.1004
  229 WIN32 release 25 January 2011
  230 - Fixed an issue that would occur if more than one drives are being processed at once (happened sporadically).
  231 - Added "-d" command line option that will log additional debug info
  232 - Fixed typos
  234 Release 1.1.1003 
  235 WIN32 release 22 December 2010
  236 - Notification/prompt when imaging finishes.
  237 - Option for post image verification for both creating from and writing from usb drives.
  238   Previously, writing to drives always was verified. Verification may double the imaging
  239   time.
  240 - Each image created with imageUSB will have an accompanying log file written with checksum
  241   values calculated during the creation process.
  242 - MD5 & SHA1 checksum calculation implemented
  243 - Now with more warning prompts! To prevent accidently destroying data.
  244 - Simultaneous image creation is now supported. See the help documentation for naming
  245   convention used.
  246 - Running imageUSB with -l command line will save a log (The same one as seen at the bottom of the GUI).
  248 Release 1.1.1002 
  249 WIN32 release 15 December 2010
  250 - Fixed issue with overall progress bar not updating for subsequent writes after aborting.
  251 - Cosmetic / UI changes/fixes
  252 - Signed Executable
  254 Release 1.1.1001 
  255 WIN32 release 8 December 2010
  256 - Concurrent image writing to UFD.
  257 - Asthetics Changes.
  259 Release 1.1.1000 
  260 WIN32 release  1 December 2010
  261 - GUI version.
  263 Release 1.0.1001
  264 WIN32 release 23 July 2010
  265 - The USB Flash Drive data is now verified.
  267 Release 1.0.1000 
  268 WIN32 release 17 June 2010
  269 - First version.
  272 Support
  273 =======
  274 For technical support, questions, suggestions, please check the help file for 
  275 our email address or visit our web page at https://www.passmark.com
  278 Enjoy..
  279 The PassMark Development team