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    1 # Tcl autoload index file, version 2.0
    2 # This file is generated by the "auto_mkindex" command
    3 # and sourced to set up indexing information for one or
    4 # more commands.  Typically each line is a command that
    5 # sets an element in the auto_index array, where the
    6 # element name is the name of a command and the value is
    7 # a script that loads the command.
    9 set auto_index(arrowSetup) [list source [file join $dir arrow.tcl]]
   10 set auto_index(arrowMove1) [list source [file join $dir arrow.tcl]]
   11 set auto_index(arrowMove2) [list source [file join $dir arrow.tcl]]
   12 set auto_index(arrowMove3) [list source [file join $dir arrow.tcl]]
   13 set auto_index(textLoadFile) [list source [file join $dir search.tcl]]
   14 set auto_index(textSearch) [list source [file join $dir search.tcl]]
   15 set auto_index(textToggle) [list source [file join $dir search.tcl]]
   16 set auto_index(itemEnter) [list source [file join $dir items.tcl]]
   17 set auto_index(itemLeave) [list source [file join $dir items.tcl]]
   18 set auto_index(itemMark) [list source [file join $dir items.tcl]]
   19 set auto_index(itemStroke) [list source [file join $dir items.tcl]]
   20 set auto_index(itemsUnderArea) [list source [file join $dir items.tcl]]
   21 set auto_index(itemStartDrag) [list source [file join $dir items.tcl]]
   22 set auto_index(itemDrag) [list source [file join $dir items.tcl]]
   23 set auto_index(butPress) [list source [file join $dir items.tcl]]
   24 set auto_index(loadDir) [list source [file join $dir image2.tcl]]
   25 set auto_index(loadImage) [list source [file join $dir image2.tcl]]
   26 set auto_index(rulerMkTab) [list source [file join $dir ruler.tcl]]
   27 set auto_index(rulerNewTab) [list source [file join $dir ruler.tcl]]
   28 set auto_index(rulerSelectTab) [list source [file join $dir ruler.tcl]]
   29 set auto_index(rulerMoveTab) [list source [file join $dir ruler.tcl]]
   30 set auto_index(rulerReleaseTab) [list source [file join $dir ruler.tcl]]
   31 set auto_index(mkTextConfig) [list source [file join $dir ctext.tcl]]
   32 set auto_index(textEnter) [list source [file join $dir ctext.tcl]]
   33 set auto_index(textInsert) [list source [file join $dir ctext.tcl]]
   34 set auto_index(textPaste) [list source [file join $dir ctext.tcl]]
   35 set auto_index(textB1Press) [list source [file join $dir ctext.tcl]]
   36 set auto_index(textB1Move) [list source [file join $dir ctext.tcl]]
   37 set auto_index(textBs) [list source [file join $dir ctext.tcl]]
   38 set auto_index(textDel) [list source [file join $dir ctext.tcl]]
   39 set auto_index(bitmapRow) [list source [file join $dir bitmap.tcl]]
   40 set auto_index(scrollEnter) [list source [file join $dir cscroll.tcl]]
   41 set auto_index(scrollLeave) [list source [file join $dir cscroll.tcl]]
   42 set auto_index(scrollButton) [list source [file join $dir cscroll.tcl]]
   43 set auto_index(textWindOn) [list source [file join $dir twind.tcl]]
   44 set auto_index(textWindOff) [list source [file join $dir twind.tcl]]
   45 set auto_index(textWindPlot) [list source [file join $dir twind.tcl]]
   46 set auto_index(embPlotDown) [list source [file join $dir twind.tcl]]
   47 set auto_index(embPlotMove) [list source [file join $dir twind.tcl]]
   48 set auto_index(textWindDel) [list source [file join $dir twind.tcl]]
   49 set auto_index(embDefBg) [list source [file join $dir twind.tcl]]
   50 set auto_index(floorDisplay) [list source [file join $dir floor.tcl]]
   51 set auto_index(newRoom) [list source [file join $dir floor.tcl]]
   52 set auto_index(roomChanged) [list source [file join $dir floor.tcl]]
   53 set auto_index(bg1) [list source [file join $dir floor.tcl]]
   54 set auto_index(bg2) [list source [file join $dir floor.tcl]]
   55 set auto_index(bg3) [list source [file join $dir floor.tcl]]
   56 set auto_index(fg1) [list source [file join $dir floor.tcl]]
   57 set auto_index(fg2) [list source [file join $dir floor.tcl]]
   58 set auto_index(fg3) [list source [file join $dir floor.tcl]]
   59 set auto_index(setWidth) [list source [file join $dir hscale.tcl]]
   60 set auto_index(plotDown) [list source [file join $dir plot.tcl]]
   61 set auto_index(plotMove) [list source [file join $dir plot.tcl]]
   62 set auto_index(puzzleSwitch) [list source [file join $dir puzzle.tcl]]
   63 set auto_index(setHeight) [list source [file join $dir vscale.tcl]]
   64 set auto_index(showMessageBox) [list source [file join $dir msgbox.tcl]]
   65 set auto_index(setColor) [list source [file join $dir clrpick.tcl]]
   66 set auto_index(setColor_helper) [list source [file join $dir clrpick.tcl]]
   67 set auto_index(fileDialog) [list source [file join $dir filebox.tcl]]