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    1 # paned1.tcl --
    2 #
    3 # This demonstration script creates a toplevel window containing
    4 # a paned window that separates two windows horizontally.
    6 if {![info exists widgetDemo]} {
    7     error "This script should be run from the \"widget\" demo."
    8 }
   10 package require Tk
   12 set w .paned1
   13 catch {destroy $w}
   14 toplevel $w
   15 wm title $w "Horizontal Paned Window Demonstration"
   16 wm iconname $w "paned1"
   17 positionWindow $w
   19 label $w.msg -font $font -wraplength 4i -justify left -text "The sash between the two coloured windows below can be used to divide the area between them.  Use the left mouse button to resize without redrawing by just moving the sash, and use the middle mouse button to resize opaquely (always redrawing the windows in each position.)"
   20 pack $w.msg -side top
   22 ## See Code / Dismiss buttons
   23 set btns [addSeeDismiss $w.buttons $w]
   24 pack $btns -side bottom -fill x
   26 panedwindow $w.pane
   27 pack $w.pane -side top -expand yes -fill both -pady 2 -padx 2m
   29 label $w.pane.left  -text "This is the\nleft side"  -fg black -bg yellow
   30 label $w.pane.right -text "This is the\nright side" -fg black -bg cyan
   32 $w.pane add $w.pane.left $w.pane.right