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Member "install-tl-20200916/tlpkg/tltcl/lib/tk8.6/demos/en.msg" (17 Mar 2020, 3867 Bytes) of package /windows/misc/install-tl.zip:

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    1 ::msgcat::mcset en "Widget Demonstration"
    2 ::msgcat::mcset en "tkWidgetDemo"
    3 ::msgcat::mcset en "&File"
    4 ::msgcat::mcset en "About..."
    5 ::msgcat::mcset en "&About..."
    6 ::msgcat::mcset en "<F1>"
    7 ::msgcat::mcset en "&Quit"
    8 ::msgcat::mcset en "Meta+Q"		;# Displayed hotkey
    9 ::msgcat::mcset en "Meta-q"		;# Actual binding sequence
   10 ::msgcat::mcset en "Ctrl+Q"		;# Displayed hotkey
   11 ::msgcat::mcset en "Control-q"		;# Actual binding sequence
   12 ::msgcat::mcset en "Variable values"
   13 ::msgcat::mcset en "Variable values:"
   14 ::msgcat::mcset en "OK"
   15 ::msgcat::mcset en "Run the \"%s\" sample program"
   16 ::msgcat::mcset en "Dismiss"
   17 ::msgcat::mcset en "Rerun Demo"
   18 ::msgcat::mcset en "Demo code: %s"
   19 ::msgcat::mcset en "About Widget Demo"
   20 ::msgcat::mcset en "Tk widget demonstration application"
   21 ::msgcat::mcset en "Copyright © %s"
   22 ::msgcat::mcset en "
   23     @@title
   24     Tk Widget Demonstrations
   25     @@newline
   26     @@normal
   27     @@newline
   29     This application provides a front end for several short scripts
   30     that demonstrate what you can do with Tk widgets.  Each of the
   31     numbered lines below describes a demonstration;  you can click on
   32     it to invoke the demonstration.  Once the demonstration window
   33     appears, you can click the
   34     @@bold
   35     See Code
   36     @@normal
   37     button to see the Tcl/Tk code that created the demonstration.  If
   38     you wish, you can edit the code and click the
   39     @@bold
   40     Rerun Demo
   41     @@normal
   42     button in the code window to reinvoke the demonstration with the
   43     modified code.
   44     @@newline
   45 "
   46 ::msgcat::mcset en "Labels, buttons, checkbuttons, and radiobuttons"
   47 ::msgcat::mcset en "Labels (text and bitmaps)"
   48 ::msgcat::mcset en "Labels and UNICODE text"
   49 ::msgcat::mcset en "Buttons"
   50 ::msgcat::mcset en "Check-buttons (select any of a group)"
   51 ::msgcat::mcset en "Radio-buttons (select one of a group)"
   52 ::msgcat::mcset en "A 15-puzzle game made out of buttons"
   53 ::msgcat::mcset en "Iconic buttons that use bitmaps"
   54 ::msgcat::mcset en "Two labels displaying images"
   55 ::msgcat::mcset en "A simple user interface for viewing images"
   56 ::msgcat::mcset en "Labelled frames"
   57 ::msgcat::mcset en "Listboxes"
   58 ::msgcat::mcset en "The 50 states"
   59 ::msgcat::mcset en "Colors: change the color scheme for the application"
   60 ::msgcat::mcset en "A collection of famous and infamous sayings"
   61 ::msgcat::mcset en "Entries and Spin-boxes"
   62 ::msgcat::mcset en "Entries without scrollbars"
   63 ::msgcat::mcset en "Entries with scrollbars"
   64 ::msgcat::mcset en "Validated entries and password fields"
   65 ::msgcat::mcset en "Spin-boxes"
   66 ::msgcat::mcset en "Simple Rolodex-like form"
   67 ::msgcat::mcset en "Text"
   68 ::msgcat::mcset en "Basic editable text"
   69 ::msgcat::mcset en "Text display styles"
   70 ::msgcat::mcset en "Hypertext (tag bindings)"
   71 ::msgcat::mcset en "A text widget with embedded windows"
   72 ::msgcat::mcset en "A search tool built with a text widget"
   73 ::msgcat::mcset en "Canvases"
   74 ::msgcat::mcset en "The canvas item types"
   75 ::msgcat::mcset en "A simple 2-D plot"
   76 ::msgcat::mcset en "Text items in canvases"
   77 ::msgcat::mcset en "An editor for arrowheads on canvas lines"
   78 ::msgcat::mcset en "A ruler with adjustable tab stops"
   79 ::msgcat::mcset en "A building floor plan"
   80 ::msgcat::mcset en "A simple scrollable canvas"
   81 ::msgcat::mcset en "Scales"
   82 ::msgcat::mcset en "Horizontal scale"
   83 ::msgcat::mcset en "Vertical scale"
   84 ::msgcat::mcset en "Paned Windows"
   85 ::msgcat::mcset en "Horizontal paned window"
   86 ::msgcat::mcset en "Vertical paned window"
   87 ::msgcat::mcset en "Menus"
   88 ::msgcat::mcset en "Menus and cascades (sub-menus)"
   89 ::msgcat::mcset en "Menu-buttons"
   90 ::msgcat::mcset en "Common Dialogs"
   91 ::msgcat::mcset en "Message boxes"
   92 ::msgcat::mcset en "File selection dialog"
   93 ::msgcat::mcset en "Color picker"
   94 ::msgcat::mcset en "Miscellaneous"
   95 ::msgcat::mcset en "The built-in bitmaps"
   96 ::msgcat::mcset en "A dialog box with a local grab"
   97 ::msgcat::mcset en "A dialog box with a global grab"