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    1 use strict;
    2 package Tie::Hash::NamedCapture;
    4 our $VERSION = "0.10";
    6 require XSLoader;
    7 XSLoader::load(); # This returns true, which makes require happy.
    9 __END__
   11 =head1 NAME
   13 Tie::Hash::NamedCapture - Named regexp capture buffers
   15 =head1 SYNOPSIS
   17     tie my %hash, "Tie::Hash::NamedCapture";
   18     # %hash now behaves like %+
   20     tie my %hash, "Tie::Hash::NamedCapture", all => 1;
   21     # %hash now access buffers from regexp in $qr like %-
   23 =head1 DESCRIPTION
   25 This module is used to implement the special hashes C<%+> and C<%->, but it
   26 can be used to tie other variables as you choose.
   28 When the C<all> parameter is provided, then the tied hash elements will be
   29 array refs listing the contents of each capture buffer whose name is the
   30 same as the associated hash key. If none of these buffers were involved in
   31 the match, the contents of that array ref will be as many C<undef> values
   32 as there are capture buffers with that name. In other words, the tied hash
   33 will behave as C<%->.
   35 When the C<all> parameter is omitted or false, then the tied hash elements
   36 will be the contents of the leftmost defined buffer with the name of the
   37 associated hash key. In other words, the tied hash will behave as
   38 C<%+>.
   40 The keys of C<%->-like hashes correspond to all buffer names found in the
   41 regular expression; the keys of C<%+>-like hashes list only the names of
   42 buffers that have captured (and that are thus associated to defined values).
   44 =head1 SEE ALSO
   46 L<perlreapi>, L<re>, L<perlmodlib/Pragmatic Modules>, L<perlvar/"%+">,
   47 L<perlvar/"%-">.
   49 =cut