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    1 HDF5 version 1.8.21
    2 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------
    4 This directory contains the binary (release) distribution of
    5 HDF5 1.8 that was compiled on;
    6     Windows 7 x64, using VISUAL STUDIO 2015.
    8 It was built with the following options:
    9     -- Static and Shared C/C++/Fortran libraries
   10     -- SZIP (encoder enabled) and ZLIB
   11     -- Static and Shared HDF5 tools
   13 The contents of this directory are:
   15     COPYING                 - Copyright notice
   16     README.txt              - This file
   17     HDF5-1.8.21-win64.msi    - HDF5 Install Package
   19 Installation
   20 ===========================================================================
   21 1. Execute HDF5-1.8.21-win64.msi
   22 2. Follow prompts
   23 ===========================================================================
   25 After Installation
   26 ===========================================================================
   27 The examples folder, HDF5Examples, located in the
   28 HDF5 install folder, can be built and tested with CMake and the supplied
   29 HDF518_Examples.cmake file. The HDF518_Examples.cmake expects HDF5 to have
   30 been installed in the default location with above compilers. Also, the CMake 
   31 utility should be installed.
   33 To test the installation with the examples;
   34     Create a directory to run the examples.
   35     Copy HDF5Examples folder to this directory.
   36     Copy HDF518_Examples.cmake to this directory.
   37     Copy HDF5_Examples_options.cmake to this directory.
   38     Copy CTestScript.cmake to this directory.
   39     The default source folder is defined as "HDF5Examples". It can be changed
   40         with the CTEST_SOURCE_NAME script option.
   41     The default installation folder is defined as "C:/Program".
   42         It can be changed with the INSTALLDIR script option.
   43     The default ctest configuration is defined as "Release". It can be changed
   44         with the CTEST_CONFIGURATION_TYPE script option. Note that this must
   45         be the same as the value used with the -C command line option.
   46     The default build configuration is defined to build and use static libraries.
   47         Shared libraries can be used with the STATICONLYLIBRARIES script option set to "NO".
   48     Other options can be changed by editing the HDF518_Examples_options.cmake file.
   50     If the defaults are okay, execute from this directory:
   51         ctest -S HDF518_Examples.cmake -C Release -V -O test.log
   52     If the defaults need change, execute from this directory:
   53         ctest -S HDF518_Examples.cmake,CTEST_SOURCE_NAME=MyExamples,INSTALLDIR=MyLocation -C Release -V -O test.log
   55 When executed, the ctest script will save the results to the log file, test.log, as
   56 indicated by the ctest command. If you wish the to see more build and test information,
   57 add "-VV" to the ctest command. The output should show;
   58       100% tests passed, 0 tests failed out of 156.
   60 For more information see USING_CMake_Examples.txt in the install folder.
   61 ===========================================================================
   63 Documentation for this release can be found at the following URL:
   64     http://www.hdfgroup.org/HDF5/doc/.
   66 See the HDF5 home page for further details:
   67     http://hdfgroup.org/HDF5/
   69 Bugs should be reported to help@hdfgroup.org.