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CLOC ("Count Lines of Code") analysis of hdf5-1.8.21-Std-win7_64-vs14.zip (5 Jun 2018, 64199729 Bytes)

About: HDF5 (NCSA’s Hierarchical Data Format 5) - a library and file format for storing scientific data (1.8.x release; a hint: for the 1.10.x binary disributions users must login into the HDF site). Windows (64-bit; compilers: CMake VS 2015 C, C++, IVF 16).

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Sorry, the according CLOC analysis histograms couldn't be generated
since package "hdf5-1.8.21-Std-win7_64-vs14.zip" doesn't contain supported programming source code!

The corresponding CLOC output data:

       2 text files.
       2 files ignored.