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    1 mergetool.<tool>.path::
    2 	Override the path for the given tool.  This is useful in case
    3 	your tool is not in the PATH.
    5 mergetool.<tool>.cmd::
    6 	Specify the command to invoke the specified merge tool.  The
    7 	specified command is evaluated in shell with the following
    8 	variables available: 'BASE' is the name of a temporary file
    9 	containing the common base of the files to be merged, if available;
   10 	'LOCAL' is the name of a temporary file containing the contents of
   11 	the file on the current branch; 'REMOTE' is the name of a temporary
   12 	file containing the contents of the file from the branch being
   13 	merged; 'MERGED' contains the name of the file to which the merge
   14 	tool should write the results of a successful merge.
   16 mergetool.<tool>.trustExitCode::
   17 	For a custom merge command, specify whether the exit code of
   18 	the merge command can be used to determine whether the merge was
   19 	successful.  If this is not set to true then the merge target file
   20 	timestamp is checked and the merge assumed to have been successful
   21 	if the file has been updated, otherwise the user is prompted to
   22 	indicate the success of the merge.
   24 mergetool.meld.hasOutput::
   25 	Older versions of `meld` do not support the `--output` option.
   26 	Git will attempt to detect whether `meld` supports `--output`
   27 	by inspecting the output of `meld --help`.  Configuring
   28 	`mergetool.meld.hasOutput` will make Git skip these checks and
   29 	use the configured value instead.  Setting `mergetool.meld.hasOutput`
   30 	to `true` tells Git to unconditionally use the `--output` option,
   31 	and `false` avoids using `--output`.
   33 mergetool.keepBackup::
   34 	After performing a merge, the original file with conflict markers
   35 	can be saved as a file with a `.orig` extension.  If this variable
   36 	is set to `false` then this file is not preserved.  Defaults to
   37 	`true` (i.e. keep the backup files).
   39 mergetool.keepTemporaries::
   40 	When invoking a custom merge tool, Git uses a set of temporary
   41 	files to pass to the tool. If the tool returns an error and this
   42 	variable is set to `true`, then these temporary files will be
   43 	preserved, otherwise they will be removed after the tool has
   44 	exited. Defaults to `false`.
   46 mergetool.writeToTemp::
   47 	Git writes temporary 'BASE', 'LOCAL', and 'REMOTE' versions of
   48 	conflicting files in the worktree by default.  Git will attempt
   49 	to use a temporary directory for these files when set `true`.
   50 	Defaults to `false`.
   52 mergetool.prompt::
   53 	Prompt before each invocation of the merge resolution program.