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    1 Git v2.2.2 Release Notes
    2 ========================
    4 Fixes since v2.2.1
    5 ------------------
    7  * "git checkout $treeish $path", when $path in the index and the
    8    working tree already matched what is in $treeish at the $path,
    9    still overwrote the $path unnecessarily.
   11  * "git config --get-color" did not parse its command line arguments
   12    carefully.
   14  * open() emulated on Windows platforms did not give EISDIR upon
   15    an attempt to open a directory for writing.
   17  * A few code paths used abs() when they should have used labs() on
   18    long integers.
   20  * "gitweb" used to depend on a behaviour recent CGI.pm deprecated.
   22  * "git init" (hence "git clone") initialized the per-repository
   23    configuration file .git/config with x-bit by mistake.
   25  * Git 2.0 was supposed to make the "simple" mode for the default of
   26    "git push", but it didn't.
   28  * "Everyday" document had a broken link.
   30  * The build procedure did not bother fixing perl and python scripts
   31    when NO_PERL and NO_PYTHON build-time configuration changed.
   33  * The code that reads the reflog from the newer to the older entries
   34    did not handle an entry that crosses a boundary of block it uses to
   35    read them correctly.
   37  * "git apply" was described in the documentation to take --ignore-date
   38    option, which it does not.
   40  * Traditionally we tried to avoid interpreting date strings given by
   41    the user as future dates, e.g. GIT_COMMITTER_DATE=2014-12-10 when
   42    used early November 2014 was taken as "October 12, 2014" because it
   43    is likely that a date in the future, December 10, is a mistake.
   44    This heuristics has been loosened to allow people to express future
   45    dates (most notably, --until=<date> may want to be far in the
   46    future) and we no longer tiebreak by future-ness of the date when
   48     (1) ISO-like format is used, and
   49     (2) the string can make sense interpreted as both y-m-d and y-d-m.
   51    Git may still have to use the heuristics to tiebreak between dd/mm/yy
   52    and mm/dd/yy, though.
   54  * The code to abbreviate an object name to its short unique prefix
   55    has been optimized when no abbreviation was requested.
   57  * "git add --ignore-errors ..." did not ignore an error to
   58    give a file that did not exist.
   60  * Git did not correctly read an overlong refname from a packed refs
   61    file.
   63 Also contains typofixes, documentation updates and trivial code clean-ups.