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    1 GIT v1.6.4.4 Release Notes
    2 ==========================
    4 Fixes since v1.6.4.4
    5 --------------------
    7 * The workaround for Github server that sometimes gave 500 (Internal server
    8   error) response to HEAD requests in introduced a regression that
    9   caused re-fetching projects over http to segfault in certain cases due
   10   to uninitialized pointer being freed.
   12 * "git pull" on an unborn branch used to consider anything in the work
   13   tree and the index discardable.
   15 * "git diff -b/w" did not work well on the incomplete line at the end of
   16   the file, due to an incorrect hashing of lines in the low-level xdiff
   17   routines.
   19 * "git checkout-index --prefix=$somewhere" used to work when $somewhere is
   20   a symbolic link to a directory elsewhere, but v1.6.4.2 broke it.
   22 * "git unpack-objects --strict", invoked when receive.fsckobjects
   23   configuration is set in the receiving repository of "git push", did not
   24   properly check the objects, especially the submodule links, it received.
   26 Other minor documentation updates are included.