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    1 GIT v1.6.0.6 Release Notes
    2 ==========================
    4 Fixes since
    5 -------------------
    7  * "git fsck" had a deep recursion that wasted stack space.
    9  * "git fast-export" and "git fast-import" choked on an old style
   10    annotated tag that lack the tagger information.
   12  * "git mergetool -- file" did not correctly skip "--" marker that
   13    signals the end of options list.
   15  * "git show $tag" segfaulted when an annotated $tag pointed at a
   16    nonexistent object.
   18  * "git show 2>error" when the standard output is automatically redirected
   19    to the pager redirected the standard error to the pager as well; there
   20    was no need to.
   22  * "git send-email" did not correctly handle list of addresses when
   23    they had quoted comma (e.g. "Lastname, Givenname" <mail@addre.ss>).
   25  * Logic to discover branch ancestry in "git svn" was unreliable when
   26    the process to fetch history was interrupted.
   28  * Removed support for an obsolete gitweb request URI, whose
   29    implementation ran "git diff" Porcelain, instead of using plumbing,
   30    which would have run an external diff command specified in the
   31    repository configuration as the gitweb user.
   33 Also contains numerous documentation typofixes.