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    1 GIT v1.5.4.2 Release Notes
    2 ==========================
    4 Fixes since v1.5.4
    5 ------------------
    7  * The configuration parser was not prepared to see string
    8    valued variables misspelled as boolean and segfaulted.
   10  * Temporary files left behind due to interrupted object
   11    transfers were not cleaned up with "git prune".
   13  * "git config --unset" was confused when the unset variables
   14    were spelled with continuation lines in the config file.
   16  * The merge message detection in "git cvsimport" did not catch
   17    a message that began with "Merge...".
   19  * "git status" suggests "git rm --cached" for unstaging the
   20    earlier "git add" before the initial commit.
   22  * "git status" output was incorrect during a partial commit.
   24  * "git bisect" refused to start when the HEAD was detached.
   26  * "git bisect" allowed a wildcard character in the commit
   27    message expanded while writing its log file.
   29  * Manual pages were not formatted correctly with docbook xsl
   30    1.72; added a workaround.
   32  * "git-commit -C $tag" used to work but rewrite in C done in
   33    1.5.4 broke it.  This was fixed in
   35  * An entry in the .gitattributes file that names a pattern in a
   36    subdirectory of the directory it is in did not match
   37    correctly (e.g. pattern "b/*.c" in "a/.gitattributes" should
   38    match "a/b/foo.c" but it didn't).  This was fixed in
   40  * Customized color specification was parsed incorrectly when
   41    numeric color values are used.  This was fixed in
   43  * http transport misbehaved when linked with curl-gnutls.