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    1 Please feel free to add, edit, delete this file.
    2 Please do not make ChangeLog entries.
    5 	http://gnu.org.
    7 Makefile.*; configure; configure.ac; src-release
    8 	Any global maintainer can approve changes to these
    9 	files, but they should be aware	that they need to
   10 	be kept in sync with their counterparts in the GCC
   11 	repository.  Also please notify the following of
   12 	any committed patches:
   13 		binutils@sourceware.org
   14 		gdb-patches@sourceware.org
   16 bfd/; binutils/; elfcpp/; gas/; gold/; gprof/; ld/; opcodes/; cpu/;
   17 BFD's part of include/
   19 	binutils: http://sourceware.org/binutils/
   20 	Patches to binutils@sourceware.org.
   21 	Please notify the following of any interface changes:
   22 		gdb-patches@sourceware.org
   24 cgen/; cgen parts of opcodes/, sim/ & include/
   25 	cgen: http://sourceware.org/cgen/
   26 	Patches to cgen@sourceware.org
   27 	May need separate opcodes/ or sim/ approval for
   28 		commits of regenerated files there.
   30 config.guess; config.sub; readline/support/config.{sub,guess}
   31 	config: http://savannah.gnu.org/projects/config
   32 	Patches to config-patches@gnu.org.
   33 	Changes need to be done in tandem with the official CONFIG
   34 	sources or submitted to the master file maintainer and brought
   35 	in via a merge.  When updating any of these files, please be
   36 	sure to update all of them.
   37 	Please notify the following of any committed patches:
   38 		binutils@sourceware.org
   39 		gdb-patches@sourceware.org
   41 depcomp; mkinstalldirs
   42         Send bug reports and patches to bug-automake@gnu.org.
   44 gdb/; readline/; sim/; GDB's part of include/
   45 	GDB: http://www.gnu.org/software/gdb/
   46 	Patches to gdb-patches@sourceware.org.
   47 	See also gdb/MAINTAINERS and sim/MAINTAINERS.
   49 include/
   50 	See binutils/, gdb/, sid/, gcc/, libiberty/ etc.
   52 intl/; config.rhost; libiberty/; libiberty's part of include/;
   53 compile; depcomp; install-sh; missing; ylwrap; config/
   54 	gcc: http://gcc.gnu.org
   55 	Changes need to be done in tandem with the official GCC
   56 	sources or submitted to the master file maintainer and brought
   57 	in via a merge.  Note: approved patches in gcc's libiberty or
   58 	intl are automatically approved in this libiberty and intl also;
   59 	feel free to merge them yourself if needed sooner than the next
   60 	merge.  Otherwise, changes are automatically merged, usually
   61 	within a day.
   63 libdecnumber/
   64 	See libiberty.  The master copy of this directory is in the GCC
   65 	repository.
   67 ltconfig; ltmain.sh; ltcf-*.sh
   68 	libtool: http://www.gnu.org/software/libtool/
   69 	Changes need to be done in tandem with the official LIBTOOL
   70 	sources or submitted to the master file maintainer and brought
   71 	in via a merge.
   73 move-if-change
   74 	Send bug reports and patches to bug-gnulib@gnu.org.
   76 symlink-tree
   77 	gcc: http://gcc.gnu.org
   78 	See libiberty.
   80 newlib/; libgloss/
   81 	http://sourceware.org/newlib/
   82 	Patches to newlib@sourceware.org.
   84 sid/; SID's part of cgen/
   85 	sid: http://sourceware.org/sid/
   86 	Patches to sid@sourceware.org
   88 texinfo/texinfo.tex
   89 	texinfo: http://ftp.gnu.org.
   90 	Latest version can be found on ftp://ftp.gnu.org and can be
   91 	imported at any (reasonable) time.
   92 	Please not use GCC's texinfo.  Please do not import texinfo.
   94 tcl/; tix/; itcl/; tk/; libgui/
   95 	insight: http://sourceware.org/insight/
   96 	Contact insight@sourceware.org.
   98 winsup/
   99 	cygwin: http://sourceware.org/cygwin
  100 	Patches to cygwin-patches@cygwin.com.
  101 	General discussion cygwin@cygwin.com.
  103 config-ml.in; makefile.vms; mkdep; setup.com;
  104 etc/; utils/;
  105 	Any global maintainer can approve changes to these
  106 	files and directories.
  108 modules file
  109 	If you understand the file format (or can cut-and-paste existing
  110 	entries), modify it. If it scares you, get someone who does
  111 	understand it to help you.  Be prepared to fix it if you do break it.
  113 /* Local variables: */
  114 /* change-log-default-name: "/dev/null" */
  115 /* End: */