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Member "cppcheck-1.89/test/synthetic/run-lint.bat" (1 Sep 2019, 366 Bytes) of package /windows/misc/cppcheck-1.89.zip:

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    1 \lint\lint-nt.exe -e526 -e529 -e550 -e552 -e714 -e744 -e765 -e830 -e831 -e843 -h1 controlflow.c
    2 \lint\lint-nt.exe -e526 -e529 -e550 -e552 -e714 -e744 -e765 -e830 -e831 -e843 -h1 data.c
    3 \lint\lint-nt.exe -e526 -e529 -e550 -e552 -e714 -e744 -e765 -e830 -e831 -e843 -h1 functions.c
    4 \lint\lint-nt.exe -e526 -e529 -e550 -e552 -e714 -e744 -e765 -e830 -e831 -e843 -h1 ub.c