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The CMake version string as three non-negative integer components separated by . and possibly followed by - and other information. The first two components represent the feature level and the third component represents either a bug-fix level or development date.

Release versions and release candidate versions of CMake use the format:


where the <patch> component is less than 20000000. Development versions of CMake use the format:


where the <date> component is of format CCYYMMDD and <id> may contain arbitrary text. This represents development as of a particular date following the <major>.<minor> feature release.

Individual component values are also available in variables:

Use the if command VERSION_LESS, VERSION_GREATER, VERSION_EQUAL, VERSION_LESS_EQUAL, or VERSION_GREATER_EQUAL operators to compare version string values against CMAKE_VERSION using a component-wise test. Version component values may be 10 or larger so do not attempt to compare version strings as floating-point numbers.

CMake versions 2.8.2 through 2.8.12 used three components for the feature level. Release versions represented the bug-fix level in a fourth component, i.e. <major>.<minor>.<patch>[.<tweak>][-rc<n>]. Development versions represented the development date in the fourth component, i.e. <major>.<minor>.<patch>.<date>[-<id>].

CMake versions prior to 2.8.2 used three components for the feature level and had no bug-fix component. Release versions used an even-valued second component, i.e. <major>.<even-minor>.<patch>[-rc<n>]. Development versions used an odd-valued second component with the development date as the third component, i.e. <major>.<odd-minor>.<date>.

The CMAKE_VERSION variable is defined by CMake 2.6.3 and higher. Earlier versions defined only the individual component variables.