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Ninja only: List of available pools.

A pool is a named integer property and defines the maximum number of concurrent jobs which can be started by a rule assigned to the pool. The :prop_gbl:JOB_POOLS property is a semicolon-separated list of pairs using the syntax NAME=integer (without a space after the equality sign).

For instance:

set_property(GLOBAL PROPERTY JOB_POOLS two_jobs=2 ten_jobs=10)

Defined pools could be used globally by setting CMAKE_JOB_POOL_COMPILE and CMAKE_JOB_POOL_LINK or per target by setting the target properties :prop_tgt:JOB_POOL_COMPILE and :prop_tgt:JOB_POOL_LINK.

Build targets provided by CMake that are meant for individual interactive use, such as install, are placed in the console pool automatically.