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Display a message to the user.

message([<mode>] "message to display" ...)

The optional <mode> keyword determines the type of message:

(none)         = Important information
STATUS         = Incidental information
WARNING        = CMake Warning, continue processing
AUTHOR_WARNING = CMake Warning (dev), continue processing
SEND_ERROR     = CMake Error, continue processing,
                              but skip generation
FATAL_ERROR    = CMake Error, stop processing and generation
DEPRECATION    = CMake Deprecation Error or Warning if variable
                 is enabled, respectively, else no message.

The CMake command-line tool displays STATUS messages on stdout and all other message types on stderr. The CMake GUI displays all messages in its log area. The interactive dialogs (ccmake and CMakeSetup) show STATUS messages one at a time on a status line and other messages in interactive pop-up boxes.

CMake Warning and Error message text displays using a simple markup language. Non-indented text is formatted in line-wrapped paragraphs delimited by newlines. Indented text is considered pre-formatted.