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Query host system specific information.

cmake_host_system_information(RESULT <variable> QUERY <key> ...)

Queries system information of the host system on which cmake runs. One or more <key> can be provided to select the information to be queried. The list of queried values is stored in <variable>.

<key> can be one of the following values:

NUMBER_OF_LOGICAL_CORES   = Number of logical cores.
NUMBER_OF_PHYSICAL_CORES  = Number of physical cores.
HOSTNAME                  = Hostname.
FQDN                      = Fully qualified domain name.
TOTAL_VIRTUAL_MEMORY      = Total virtual memory in megabytes.
AVAILABLE_VIRTUAL_MEMORY  = Available virtual memory in megabytes.
TOTAL_PHYSICAL_MEMORY     = Total physical memory in megabytes.
AVAILABLE_PHYSICAL_MEMORY = Available physical memory in megabytes.