Starts the testing for a given model

ctest_start(Model [TRACK <track>] [APPEND] [source [binary]] [QUIET])

Starts the testing for a given model. The command should be called after the binary directory is initialized. If the ‘source’ and ‘binary’ directory are not specified, it reads the CTEST_SOURCE_DIRECTORY and CTEST_BINARY_DIRECTORY. If the track is specified, the submissions will go to the specified track. If APPEND is used, the existing TAG is used rather than creating a new one based on the current time stamp. If QUIET is used, CTest will suppress any non-error messages that it otherwise would have printed to the console.

If the CTEST_CHECKOUT_COMMAND variable (or the CTEST_CVS_CHECKOUT variable) is set, its content is treated as command-line. The command is invoked with the current working directory set to the parent of the source directory, even if the source directory already exists. This can be used to create the source tree from a version control repository.