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:ref:;-list <CMake Language Lists> of directories to be ignored by the :command:find_program, :command:find_library, :command:find_file, and :command:find_path commands. This is useful in cross-compiling environments where some system directories contain incompatible but possibly linkable libraries. For example, on cross-compiled cluster environments, this allows a user to ignore directories containing libraries meant for the front-end machine.

By default this is empty; it is intended to be set by the project. Note that CMAKE_IGNORE_PATH takes a list of directory names, not a list of prefixes. To ignore paths under prefixes (bin, include, lib, etc.), specify them explicitly.

See also the :variable:CMAKE_PREFIX_PATH, :variable:CMAKE_LIBRARY_PATH, :variable:CMAKE_INCLUDE_PATH, and :variable:CMAKE_PROGRAM_PATH variables.