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Specifies the build type on single-configuration generators.

This statically specifies what build type (configuration) will be built in this build tree. Possible values are empty, Debug, Release, RelWithDebInfo and MinSizeRel. This variable is only meaningful to single-configuration generators (such as :ref:Makefile Generators and :generator:Ninja) i.e. those which choose a single configuration when CMake runs to generate a build tree as opposed to multi-configuration generators which offer selection of the build configuration within the generated build environment. There are many per-config properties and variables (usually following clean SOME_VAR_<CONFIG> order conventions), such as CMAKE_C_FLAGS_<CONFIG>, specified as uppercase: CMAKE_C_FLAGS_[DEBUG|RELEASE|RELWITHDEBINFO|MINSIZEREL]. For example, in a build tree configured to build type Debug, CMake will see to having :variable:CMAKE_C_FLAGS_DEBUG <CMAKE_<LANG>_FLAGS_DEBUG> settings get added to the :variable:CMAKE_C_FLAGS <CMAKE_<LANG>_FLAGS> settings. See also :variable:CMAKE_CONFIGURATION_TYPES.