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.. |property_name| replace:: include directories .. |command_name| replace:: :command:target_include_directories .. |PROPERTY_INTERFACE_NAME| replace:: INTERFACE_INCLUDE_DIRECTORIES .. |PROPERTY_LINK| replace:: :prop_tgt:INCLUDE_DIRECTORIES .. |PROPERTY_GENEX| replace:: $<TARGET_PROPERTY:foo,INTERFACE_INCLUDE_DIRECTORIES> .. include:: INTERFACE_BUILD_PROPERTY.txt

Include directories usage requirements commonly differ between the build-tree and the install-tree. The BUILD_INTERFACE and INSTALL_INTERFACE generator expressions can be used to describe separate usage requirements based on the usage location. Relative paths are allowed within the INSTALL_INTERFACE expression and are interpreted relative to the installation prefix. For example:

.. code-block:: cmake

target_include_directories(mylib INTERFACE $<BUILD_INTERFACE:${CMAKE_CURRENT_SOURCE_DIR}/include/mylib> $<INSTALL_INTERFACE:include/mylib> # /include/mylib )

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