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Generates KDevelop 3 project files.

Project files for KDevelop 3 will be created in the top directory and in every subdirectory which features a CMakeLists.txt file containing a PROJECT() call. If you change the settings using KDevelop cmake will try its best to keep your changes when regenerating the project files. Additionally a hierarchy of UNIX makefiles is generated into the build tree. Any standard UNIX-style make program can build the project through the default make target. A “make install” target is also provided.

This “extra” generator may be specified as:

KDevelop3 - Unix Makefiles Generate with :generator:Unix Makefiles.

KDevelop3 Generate with :generator:Unix Makefiles.

For historical reasons this extra generator may be specified directly as the main generator and it will be used as the extra generator with :generator:Unix Makefiles automatically.