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Try building some code.

Try Compiling Whole Projects ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^



Try building a project. The success or failure of the try_compile, i.e. TRUE or FALSE respectively, is returned in RESULT_VAR.

In this form, <srcdir> should contain a complete CMake project with a CMakeLists.txt file and all sources. The <bindir> and <srcdir> will not be deleted after this command is run. Specify <targetName> to build a specific target instead of the all or ALL_BUILD target. See below for the meaning of other options.

Try Compiling Source Files ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^



Try building an executable from one or more source files. The success or failure of the try_compile, i.e. TRUE or FALSE respectively, is returned in RESULT_VAR.

In this form the user need only supply one or more source files that include a definition for main. CMake will create a CMakeLists.txt file to build the source(s) as an executable that looks something like this::

add_definitions() include_directories(${INCLUDE_DIRECTORIES}) link_directories(${LINK_DIRECTORIES}) add_executable(cmTryCompileExec …) target_link_libraries(cmTryCompileExec ${LINK_LIBRARIES})

The options are:

CMAKE_FLAGS <flags>... Specify flags of the form -DVAR:TYPE=VALUE to be passed to the cmake command-line used to drive the test build. The above example shows how values for variables INCLUDE_DIRECTORIES, LINK_DIRECTORIES, and LINK_LIBRARIES are used.

COMPILE_DEFINITIONS <defs>... Specify -Ddefinition arguments to pass to add_definitions in the generated test project.

COPY_FILE <fileName> Copy the linked executable to the given <fileName>.

COPY_FILE_ERROR <var> Use after COPY_FILE to capture into variable <var> any error message encountered while trying to copy the file.

LINK_LIBRARIES <libs>... Specify libraries to be linked in the generated project. The list of libraries may refer to system libraries and to :ref:Imported Targets <Imported Targets> from the calling project.

If this option is specified, any -DLINK_LIBRARIES=... value given to the CMAKE_FLAGS option will be ignored.

OUTPUT_VARIABLE <var> Store the output from the build process the given variable.

In this version all files in <bindir>/CMakeFiles/CMakeTmp will be cleaned automatically. For debugging, --debug-trycompile can be passed to cmake to avoid this clean. However, multiple sequential try_compile operations reuse this single output directory. If you use --debug-trycompile, you can only debug one try_compile call at a time. The recommended procedure is to protect all try_compile calls in your project by if(NOT DEFINED RESULT_VAR) logic, configure with cmake all the way through once, then delete the cache entry associated with the try_compile call of interest, and then re-run cmake again with --debug-trycompile.

Other Behavior Settings ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

If set, the following variables are passed in to the generated try_compile CMakeLists.txt to initialize compile target properties with default values:

If :policy:CMP0056 is set to NEW, then :variable:CMAKE_EXE_LINKER_FLAGS is passed in as well.

The current setting of :policy:CMP0065 is set in the generated project.

Set the :variable:CMAKE_TRY_COMPILE_CONFIGURATION variable to choose a build configuration.

Set the :variable:CMAKE_TRY_COMPILE_TARGET_TYPE variable to specify the type of target used for the source file signature.

Set the :variable:CMAKE_TRY_COMPILE_PLATFORM_VARIABLES variable to specify variables that must be propagated into the test project. This variable is meant for use only in toolchain files.