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Deprecated. Use the :command:add_subdirectory command instead.

Add a list of subdirectories to the build.


subdirs(dir1 dir2 …[EXCLUDE_FROM_ALL exclude_dir1 exclude_dir2 …] [PREORDER] )

Add a list of subdirectories to the build. The :command:add_subdirectory command should be used instead of subdirs although subdirs will still work. This will cause any CMakeLists.txt files in the sub directories to be processed by CMake. Any directories after the PREORDER flag are traversed first by makefile builds, the PREORDER flag has no effect on IDE projects. Any directories after the EXCLUDE_FROM_ALL marker will not be included in the top level makefile or project file. This is useful for having CMake create makefiles or projects for a set of examples in a project. You would want CMake to generate makefiles or project files for all the examples at the same time, but you would not want them to show up in the top level project or be built each time make is run from the top.