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.. |FIND_XXX| replace:: find_library .. |NAMES| replace:: NAMES name1 [name2 …] [NAMES_PER_DIR] .. |SEARCH_XXX| replace:: library .. |SEARCH_XXX_DESC| replace:: library .. |prefix_XXX_SUBDIR| replace:: <prefix>/lib .. |entry_XXX_SUBDIR| replace:: <entry>/lib

.. |CMAKE_PREFIX_PATH_XXX| replace:: <prefix>/lib/<arch> if :variable:CMAKE_LIBRARY_ARCHITECTURE is set, and |CMAKE_PREFIX_PATH_XXX_SUBDIR| .. |CMAKE_XXX_PATH| replace:: :variable:CMAKE_LIBRARY_PATH .. |CMAKE_XXX_MAC_PATH| replace:: :variable:CMAKE_FRAMEWORK_PATH

.. |SYSTEM_ENVIRONMENT_PATH_XXX| replace:: Directories in LIB. On Windows hosts: <prefix>/lib/<arch> if :variable:CMAKE_LIBRARY_ARCHITECTURE is set, and |SYSTEM_ENVIRONMENT_PREFIX_PATH_XXX_SUBDIR|, and the directories in PATH itself.



.. include:: FIND_XXX.txt

When more than one value is given to the NAMES option this command by default will consider one name at a time and search every directory for it. The NAMES_PER_DIR option tells this command to consider one directory at a time and search for all names in it.

Each library name given to the NAMES option is first considered as a library file name and then considered with platform-specific prefixes (e.g. lib) and suffixes (e.g. .so). Therefore one may specify library file names such as libfoo.a directly. This can be used to locate static libraries on UNIX-like systems.

If the library found is a framework, then <VAR> will be set to the full path to the framework <fullPath>/A.framework. When a full path to a framework is used as a library, CMake will use a -framework A, and a -F<fullPath> to link the framework to the target.

If the :prop_gbl:FIND_LIBRARY_USE_LIB64_PATHS global property is set all search paths will be tested as normal, with 64/ appended, and with all matches of lib/ replaced with lib64/. This property is automatically set for the platforms that are known to need it if at least one of the languages supported by the :command:project command is enabled.