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Perform the :ref:CTest Coverage Step as a :ref:Dashboard Client.


ctest_coverage([BUILD <build-dir>] [APPEND] [LABELS

Collect coverage tool results and stores them in Coverage.xml for submission with the :command:ctest_submit command.

The options are:

BUILD <build-dir> Specify the top-level build directory. If not given, the :variable:CTEST_BINARY_DIRECTORY variable is used.

APPEND Mark results for append to those previously submitted to a dashboard server since the last :command:ctest_start call. Append semantics are defined by the dashboard server in use.

LABELS Filter the coverage report to include only source files labeled with at least one of the labels specified.

RETURN_VALUE <result-var> Store in the <result-var> variable 0 if coverage tools ran without error and non-zero otherwise.

QUIET Suppress any CTest-specific non-error output that would have been printed to the console otherwise. The summary indicating how many lines of code were covered is unaffected by this option.