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Perform the :ref:CTest Build Step as a :ref:Dashboard Client.


ctest_build([BUILD <build-dir>] [APPEND] [CONFIGURATION ] [FLAGS ] [PROJECT_NAME <project-name>] [TARGET <target-name>] [NUMBER_ERRORS <num-err-var>] [NUMBER_WARNINGS <num-warn-var>] [RETURN_VALUE <result-var>] )

Build the project and store results in Build.xml for submission with the :command:ctest_submit command.

The :variable:CTEST_BUILD_COMMAND variable may be set to explicitly specify the build command line. Otherwise the build command line is computed automatically based on the options given.

The options are:

BUILD <build-dir> Specify the top-level build directory. If not given, the :variable:CTEST_BINARY_DIRECTORY variable is used.

APPEND Mark results for append to those previously submitted to a dashboard server since the last :command:ctest_start call. Append semantics are defined by the dashboard server in use.

CONFIGURATION <config> Specify the build configuration (e.g. Debug). If not specified the CTEST_BUILD_CONFIGURATION variable will be checked. Otherwise the -C <cfg> option given to the :manual:ctest(1) command will be used, if any.

FLAGS <flags> Pass additional arguments to the underlying build command. If not specified the CTEST_BUILD_FLAGS variable will be checked. This can, e.g., be used to trigger a parallel build using the -j option of make. See the :module:ProcessorCount module for an example.

PROJECT_NAME <project-name> Set the name of the project to build. This should correspond to the top-level call to the :command:project command. If not specified the CTEST_PROJECT_NAME variable will be checked.

TARGET <target-name> Specify the name of a target to build. If not specified the CTEST_BUILD_TARGET variable will be checked. Otherwise the default target will be built. This is the “all” target (called ALL_BUILD in :ref:Visual Studio Generators).

NUMBER_ERRORS <num-err-var> Store the number of build errors detected in the given variable.

NUMBER_WARNINGS <num-warn-var> Store the number of build warnings detected in the given variable.

RETURN_VALUE <result-var> Store the return value of the native build tool in the given variable.

QUIET Suppress any CTest-specific non-error output that would have been printed to the console otherwise. The summary of warnings / errors, as well as the output from the native build tool is unaffected by this option.