Find Java

This module finds if Java is installed and determines where the include files and libraries are. The caller may set variable JAVA_HOME to specify a Java installation prefix explicitly.

Specify one or more of the following components as you call this find module. See example below.

Runtime     = User just want to execute some Java byte-compiled
Development = Development tools (java, javac, javah and javadoc), includes Runtime component
IdlJ        = idl compiler for Java
JarSigner   = signer tool for jar

This module sets the following result variables:

Java_JAVA_EXECUTABLE      = the full path to the Java runtime
Java_JAVAC_EXECUTABLE     = the full path to the Java compiler
Java_JAVAH_EXECUTABLE     = the full path to the Java header generator
Java_JAVADOC_EXECUTABLE   = the full path to the Java documentation generator
Java_IDLJ_EXECUTABLE      = the full path to the Java idl compiler
Java_JAR_EXECUTABLE       = the full path to the Java archiver
Java_JARSIGNER_EXECUTABLE = the full path to the Java jar signer
Java_VERSION_STRING       = Version of java found, eg. 1.6.0_12
Java_VERSION_MAJOR        = The major version of the package found.
Java_VERSION_MINOR        = The minor version of the package found.
Java_VERSION_PATCH        = The patch version of the package found.
Java_VERSION_TWEAK        = The tweak version of the package found (after '_')
Java_VERSION              = This is set to: $major.$minor.$patch(.$tweak)

The minimum required version of Java can be specified using the standard CMake syntax, e.g. find_package(Java 1.5)

NOTE: ${Java_VERSION} and ${Java_VERSION_STRING} are not guaranteed to be identical. For example some java version may return: Java_VERSION_STRING = 1.5.0_17 and Java_VERSION =

another example is the Java OEM, with: Java_VERSION_STRING = 1.6.0-oem and Java_VERSION = 1.6.0

For these components the following variables are set:

Java_FOUND                    - TRUE if all components are found.
Java_INCLUDE_DIRS             - Full paths to all include dirs.
Java_LIBRARIES                - Full paths to all libraries.
Java_<component>_FOUND        - TRUE if <component> is found.

Example Usages:

find_package(Java COMPONENTS Runtime)
find_package(Java COMPONENTS Development)