Find HDF5, a library for reading and writing self describing array data.

This module invokes the HDF5 wrapper compiler that should be installed alongside HDF5. Depending upon the HDF5 Configuration, the wrapper compiler is called either h5cc or h5pcc. If this succeeds, the module will then call the compiler with the -show argument to see what flags are used when compiling an HDF5 client application.

The module will optionally accept the COMPONENTS argument. If no COMPONENTS are specified, then the find module will default to finding only the HDF5 C library. If one or more COMPONENTS are specified, the module will attempt to find the language bindings for the specified components. The only valid components are C, CXX, Fortran, HL, and Fortran_HL. If the COMPONENTS argument is not given, the module will attempt to find only the C bindings.

On UNIX systems, this module will read the variable HDF5_USE_STATIC_LIBRARIES to determine whether or not to prefer a static link to a dynamic link for HDF5 and all of it’s dependencies. To use this feature, make sure that the HDF5_USE_STATIC_LIBRARIES variable is set before the call to find_package.

To provide the module with a hint about where to find your HDF5 installation, you can set the environment variable HDF5_ROOT. The Find module will then look in this path when searching for HDF5 executables, paths, and libraries.

Both the serial and parallel HDF5 wrappers are considered and the first directory to contain either one will be used. In the event that both appear in the same directory the serial version is preferentially selected. This behavior can be reversed by setting the variable HDF5_PREFER_PARALLEL to true.

In addition to finding the includes and libraries required to compile an HDF5 client application, this module also makes an effort to find tools that come with the HDF5 distribution that may be useful for regression testing.

This module will define the following variables:

HDF5_FOUND - true if HDF5 was found on the system
HDF5_VERSION - HDF5 version in format Major.Minor.Release
HDF5_INCLUDE_DIRS - Location of the hdf5 includes
HDF5_INCLUDE_DIR - Location of the hdf5 includes (deprecated)
HDF5_DEFINITIONS - Required compiler definitions for HDF5
HDF5_LIBRARIES - Required libraries for all requested bindings
HDF5_HL_LIBRARIES - Required libraries for the HDF5 high level API for all
                    bindings, if the HL component is enabled

Available components are: C CXX Fortran and HL. For each enabled language binding, a corresponding HDF5_${LANG}_LIBRARIES variable will be defined. If the HL component is enabled, then an HDF5_${LANG}_HL_LIBRARIES will also be defined. With all components enabled, the following variables will be defined:

HDF5_C_LIBRARIES - Required libraries for the HDF5 C bindings
HDF5_CXX_LIBRARIES - Required libraries for the HDF5 C++ bindings
HDF5_Fortran_LIBRARIES - Required libraries for the HDF5 Fortran bindings
HDF5_C_HL_LIBRARIES - Required libraries for the high level C bindings
HDF5_CXX_HL_LIBRARIES - Required libraries for the high level C++ bindings
HDF5_Fortran_HL_LIBRARIES - Required libraries for the high level Fortran

HDF5_IS_PARALLEL - Whether or not HDF5 was found with parallel IO support
HDF5_C_COMPILER_EXECUTABLE - the path to the HDF5 C wrapper compiler
HDF5_CXX_COMPILER_EXECUTABLE - the path to the HDF5 C++ wrapper compiler
HDF5_Fortran_COMPILER_EXECUTABLE - the path to the HDF5 Fortran wrapper compiler
HDF5_C_COMPILER_EXECUTABLE_NO_INTERROGATE - path to the primary C compiler
                                            which is also the HDF5 wrapper
                                              compiler which is also
                                              the HDF5 wrapper
                                                  Fortran compiler which
                                                  is also the HDF5 wrapper
HDF5_DIFF_EXECUTABLE - the path to the HDF5 dataset comparison tool

The following variable can be set to guide the search for HDF5 libraries and includes: