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Give me a string and I’ll tell you if it’s a valid npm package license string.

javascript var valid = require('validate-npm-package-license');

SPDX license identifiers are valid license strings:


var assert = require(‘assert’); var validSPDXExpression = { validForNewPackages: true, validForOldPackages: true, spdx: true };

assert.deepEqual(valid(‘MIT’), validSPDXExpression); assert.deepEqual(valid(‘BSD-2-Clause’), validSPDXExpression); assert.deepEqual(valid(‘Apache-2.0’), validSPDXExpression); assert.deepEqual(valid(‘ISC’), validSPDXExpression); ``` The function will return a warning and suggestion for nearly-correct license identifiers:

javascript assert.deepEqual( valid('Apache 2.0'), { validForOldPackages: false, validForNewPackages: false, warnings: [ 'license should be ' + 'a valid SPDX license expression (without "LicenseRef"), ' + '"UNLICENSED", or ' + '"SEE LICENSE IN <filename>"', 'license is similar to the valid expression "Apache-2.0"' ] } );

SPDX expressions are valid, too …

javascript // Simple SPDX license expression for dual licensing assert.deepEqual( valid('(GPL-3.0 OR BSD-2-Clause)'), validSPDXExpression );

… except if they contain LicenseRef:

```javascript var warningAboutLicenseRef = { validForOldPackages: false, validForNewPackages: false, spdx: true, warnings: [ ‘license should be ’ + ‘a valid SPDX license expression (without “LicenseRef”), ’ + ‘“UNLICENSED”, or ’ + ‘“SEE LICENSE IN ”’, ] };

assert.deepEqual( valid(‘LicenseRef-Made-Up’), warningAboutLicenseRef );

assert.deepEqual( valid(‘(MIT OR LicenseRef-Made-Up)’), warningAboutLicenseRef ); ```

If you can’t describe your licensing terms with standardized SPDX identifiers, put the terms in a file in the package and point users there:

```javascript assert.deepEqual( valid(‘SEE LICENSE IN LICENSE.txt’), { validForNewPackages: true, validForOldPackages: true, inFile: ‘LICENSE.txt’ } );

assert.deepEqual( valid(‘SEE LICENSE IN license.md’), { validForNewPackages: true, validForOldPackages: true, inFile: ‘license.md’ } ); ```

If there aren’t any licensing terms, use UNLICENSED:

javascript var unlicensed = { validForNewPackages: true, validForOldPackages: true, unlicensed: true }; assert.deepEqual(valid('UNLICENSED'), unlicensed); assert.deepEqual(valid('UNLICENCED'), unlicensed);